15 Unbeatable ‘V’ Shape Haircuts for Women [2022]

v shape layers

Blunt cuts are not the only choice for mid-length hairstyles. V-Shape haircuts give a variety of length to women’s hair so that the back is longer than the front.

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A V cut is a great option for women who want their hair to frame their face at the front, but who still want a lot of lengths. Our list will show off some perfect ‘V’ shaped haircut ideas for women.

Who Should Try A ‘V’ Shape Haircut?

Although any woman can choose a v-shaped hairstyle, this cut actually looks better on some types of hair than it looks on other hair types. For example, soft and sleek hair helps to show off the v cut in a better way.

Women who have naturally thicker hair may want to use more layering techniques to make the shape of the cut look better too. Women with curls can choose a V shape, but it looks better with big curls than with kinky curls.

1. V-Shaped Haircut for Long Hair

V-shaped haircuts layer your long tresses on your back, and if you straighten your mane, you will have loads of movement. Who says a long hair must look boring a dull?

2. Choppy V-shaped Layers

A V-shaped straight haircut will marvelously work on your long blonde hair. It will give it a fresh air that you will simply adore. Forget about those one length haircuts and opt for something new!

3. Wavy V Shaped Hair

If you want to make your mane look marvelous, highlight it with a V-shaped haircut for wavy hair. Your curls will beautifully fall on your back and will have a lot of bounce and movement.

4. Intricate Bun for V-Shaped Hair

A V-shaped haircut for long curly hair is all you need to make your mane look fabulous at any event. Section your hair in two parts and, for the upper side, build an intricate braided bun in the shape of a flower. 

5. Half Up Half Down Hairdo for V-Shaped Mane

A sandy blonde ombre is ideal for all those women who love looking trendy all the time. Create a small ponytail for your top hair, and you’ll get a simple but beautiful hairstyle for your mane. 

6. Blonde Highlights for V-Shaped Hair

Impress with a messy long mane that is cut in a V-shape. Go for a red auburn hair color and create some blonde highlight for the tips and extremities. Loosely wave your hair, and you’ll look like you just got off the catwalk.

7. V-Shaped Blue Electric Hair

Nobody will be able to take their eyes away from this eye-popping blue electric color. It provides a lot of texture and vibrancy, and a V-shaped cut hair will have a lot of texture at the ends. 

8. V-Shaped Curly Hair with Crown

Whether you want a simple but breathtaking look for your wedding day or just love to adopt boho looks, a V-shaped hairstyle with messy waves will get anyone’s attention. Place a big flower crown on your head if you’re going for a fairy diaphane look. 

9. Long Red V-SHaped Hair

Red hair can never look dull because the chosen color is so powerful and vivid. Also, a V-shaped cut will add texture to your ends and if you want your long mane to look flawless, all you have to do is straighten your strands with an iron. 

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10. Blonde Style in Medium Length Hair

Choppy layers can take all shapes and sizes, and they make a fabulous pair with V-shaped haircuts. Style a sombre that keeps the upper part of the hair in a white chocolate color and the ends in a platinum blonde hue. 

Choppy Layered Haircut for Pizzazz Look

11. Long Layered Haircut in V Shape

By going for a sandy blonde with thin gray highlights you will get a marvelous modern color that is very popular in 2022. Give your ends a V-shaped cut with loads of layers and you discover a brand new look that really flatters you.

12. Sleek Mahogany Brown Hairdo

When you are a girl that adores autumn color like brown and auburn, a mahogany shade might be the perfect idea for you. Make your hair get a gorgeous shape on the back by styling a V cut. 

13. Gorgeous Curly V Cut

When you have long hair, your styling options are limitless and it’s up to you to find the ones that flatter you most. Get a natural brown hair color and make wide blonde copper highlights to gain more texture. Also, cut your hair in a V-shape and build wide loose curls.

Sensational Curl Ideas on Black Hair

14. Subtle Rounded V Shaped Hairstyle

The V-shape doesn’t always have to be edgy and well defined. You can go for a smooth way to define your ends because it will beautifully suit your mild blonde hair with creamy highlights. 

15. Layered Cut with Highlights and Lowlights

Nobody will be able to resist your glamorous look and all for the right reasons. Go for a black hair that gradually enlightens once you reach the ends. Obtain this warmth by styling blonde and light brown highlights.

Hairstyles With Lowlights To Look Like a Star

A ‘v’ shape hair looks flattering, whether you choose a subtle V shape or an extreme shape. Ask your stylist to help you with this cut.

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