White discharge generally is a signal of your interval or one thing extra critical — right here's how you can inform

  • White discharge generally happens three to 5 days earlier than the beginning of your interval.
  • This occurs as a result of hormonal modifications can improve the mucus produced by your vagina.
  • However white discharge together with itching or burning may very well be an indication of a yeast an infection or an STD. 

Discovering vaginal discharge in your underwear is regular. Discharge is fluid that retains the vagina lubricated and helps shield it from infections. You will typically discover modifications in coloration, consistency, and amount all through your menstrual cycle.  

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Proper earlier than your interval begins, you might discover white or creamy discharge in your underwear. This is why it occurs and when it’s best to fear about it. 

White discharge earlier than your interval

The white discharge you discover earlier than your interval is widespread. Most often, it is nothing to fret about and is just an indication that your interval is about to begin.  

The medical time period is for this discharge is leukorrhea. It’s made up of fluid and useless cells that shed out of your vagina because it cleans itself. Your vaginal discharge may very well be white, creamy, milky, clear, or sticky. 

“Most girls have a rise in vaginal discharge just a few days previous to their interval,” says Kecia Gaither, MD, a double board-certified OB/GYN and director of perinatal providers at NYC Well being. “This is because of hormonal results which trigger a rise in mucus manufacturing within the vagina.”

Once you discover a thick white discharge, it is usually an indication that you’re about to ovulate. When you’re ovulating, additionally, you will discover a transparent and stretchy discharge.

Ovulation is the stage of your menstrual cycle the place an egg is launched out of your ovary. That is if you end up most fertile and almost definitely to get pregnant. You may also expertise a brownish discharge simply after your interval ends. 

“It is most typical to get white discharge three to 5 days earlier than your interval comes. It is nothing to fret about besides if it is chunky, has a powerful odor, is inexperienced, yellow or gray, or causes irritation,” says Sophia Yen, MD, CEO of Pandia Well being and a medical affiliate professor of pediatrics at Stanford Medical Faculty.

When to see a health care provider about white discharge

When different signs like itching and burning accompany your common discharge it would point out an an infection. If you happen to additionally discover a change in coloration, texture, scent, and amount you would possibly wish to communicate to a health care provider. 

Listed here are another causes of white discharge and circumstances that would trigger it you ought to be conscious of. 

Yeast an infection

A vaginal yeast an infection is a fungal an infection attributable to an overgrowth of yeast in your vagina. It is also referred to as vaginal candidiasis. Being pregnant, diabetes , antibiotics , oral contraception or intercourse is perhaps answerable for this overgrowth. 

One of many signs of a yeast an infection is thick white discharge in your underwear. This discharge appears to be like completely different from typical discharge as a result of it’s lumpier and has the consistency of cottage cheese. You may additionally expertise the next signs: 

  • Ache when urinating or throughout intercourse
  • Itching 
  • Burning

Yeast infections are quite common — greater than 1 million ladies within the US get yeast infections yearly. They’ll simply be cleared up in just a few days with some over-the-counter anti-fungal remedy. But when your signs persist, then it’s best to see a health care provider about it. 

Bacterial vaginosis 

When you could have bacterial vaginosis, there may be an upset within the stability of micro organism in your vagina, and it does not produce sufficient good micro organism to maintain the unhealthy ones in examine. This imbalance may be attributable to taking antibiotics, douching, utilizing an IUD, or intercourse. 

Individuals with bacterial vaginosis will typically expertise no signs apart from a skinny white discharge accompanied by a powerful fishy scent. Generally, the colour of the discharge may also be uninteresting grey or inexperienced. 

This situation is normally delicate and will go away by itself in just a few days. However for those who expertise signs like itching or burning while you pee, then it’s best to see your physician, who can prescribe antibiotic drugs or lotions. 


Trichomoniasis is a typical sexually transmitted illness (STD). It’s attributable to a parasite referred to as trichomonas vaginalis which is handed from an contaminated individual to an uninfected individual throughout intercourse. 

This situation could cause a frothy white, yellow, or inexperienced discharge. It might additionally trigger:

  • Itching
  • Ache when urinating
  • An disagreeable odor

About 3.7 million individuals have trichomoniasis within the US. It is usually handled with antibiotics that have to be taken for about 5 to 7 days. The best solution to forestall the an infection is through the use of condoms when having intercourse.

Insider’s takeaway

White discharge in your underwear earlier than and even after your interval is normally no trigger for concern.

The quantity and texture of the discharge can differ — whereas some ladies would possibly discover solely hint quantities, others could have as a lot as a teaspoon full. It is usually not at all times fully white, and it may be creamy or clear, like an egg white. 

Nonetheless, for those who discover sure signs alongside together with your discharge, then it’s best to see your physician, because it is perhaps an indication of an an infection.

“It is essential to know the distinction between on a regular basis discharge and discharge you could see your physician about. If it has a powerful odor, or its brilliant yellow, inexperienced or gray, if it is itchy or it causes swelling, burning, or irritation then it is perhaps an indication of an an infection,” says Yen.

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