What causes increased stomach ache throughout the third trimester?

Many causes of upper stomach ache throughout the third trimester are harmless. Nonetheless, because of premature labor, placenta factors, and totally different concerns can endanger the woman and the toddler, it is vitally necessary be cautious and inform a well being care supplier or midwife about any unusual indicators.

You are reading: What causes increased stomach ache throughout the third trimester?

Doable causes of upper abdomen ache by means of the third trimester embrace:

Constipation and gasoline

Constipation is probably going one of many commonest being pregnant complaints.

In the midst of the primary trimester, hormonal shifts might set off constipation. By the third trimester, the uterus is inserting very important stress on the intestines and making it more durable for a person to have a bowel movement.

Having a imprecise feeling of fullness throughout the increased stomach or abdomen is often a symptom of utmost constipation. Totally different indicators might embrace gasoline, straining to have a bowel movement, and having very onerous or small bowel actions.

Consuming fiber-rich meals might help. Taking laxatives might current assist, nonetheless it is vitally necessary talk about to a well being care supplier or midwife sooner than taking any treatment when pregnant.

Acid reflux disease illness

Heartburn is an ordinary symptom, affecting an estimated 17–45 % of ladies all through being pregnant. A being pregnant hormone referred to as progesterone might trigger acid reflux disease illness and heartburn.

As a result of the uterus grows, stress on the digestive tract might make this disadvantage additional excessive. Many pregnant ladies experience acid reflux disease illness when lying down.

Ache throughout the increased abdomen is also from acid reflux disease illness if the ache extends up the chest and into the throat or includes a burning sensation. Some ladies belch or experience gasoline.

Taking on-the-counter heartburn medication, consuming smaller meals, and selecting a a lot much less acidic weight reduction plan might help.

Stretching pores and pores and skin

Some pregnant people report feeling an intense sensation of stretching pores and pores and skin. As a result of the uterus expands, this sensation can delay to the upper abdomen. If the pores and pores and skin itches and feels tight, and the ache is on the floor of the stomach pretty than deep throughout the abdomen, stretching pores and pores and skin is likely to be the perpetrator.

Gently massaging the world, making use of lotion to it, and taking warmth showers can usually help relieve the discomfort.

Muscle ache and stress

The stomach muscle teams ought to stretch to accommodate the rising fetus. The stress of the uterus on the lower physique might change the easiest way a person walks or strikes, rising the possibility of sustaining an hurt.

Feeling ache when bending or lifting might suggest an hurt to the stomach or chest muscle teams. Resting and stretching might also assist with minor accidents. People can see a well being care supplier about accidents that do not go away on their very personal.

Gallbladder factors

Ache throughout the increased correct part of the abdomen, beneath or near the ribs, might suggest that there is a disadvantage with the liver or gallbladder.

If there’s nausea or vomiting, or if the ache is out there in waves or assaults, it could possibly be a sign of gallstones. Left untreated, gallstones can block the bile duct and set off liver points.

If the gallstones do not cross on their very personal, a well being care supplier might advocate eradicating the gallbladder.

Liver factors

Being pregnant-related hormone modifications might trigger a state of affairs referred to as intrahepatic cholestasis of being pregnant (IHP), or cholestasis. For most ladies, the first symptom is itching. Some moreover experience ache throughout the increased abdomen, nausea, vomiting, or yellowing eyes or pores and pores and skin.

A doctor ought to rigorously monitor liver effectively being in a person with IHP. In some situations, they could need to ship the toddler early to cease extreme issues, along with liver failure and accidents to the rising little one.


Pancreatitis is irritation throughout the pancreas. Infections, accidents, and points with totally different organs, along with the liver and gallbladder, might trigger pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis might set off increased abdomen ache, exhaustion, nausea, or modifications throughout the shade of stool.

Counting on the explanation for pancreatitis, a lady might have to stay on the hospital. In some situations, a well being care supplier might advocate antibiotics or fluids.

Spleen hurt

Ache throughout the increased abdomen, notably the left aspect, might suggest that there is a disadvantage with the spleen.

A blow to the stomach can bruise or injure the spleen. Infections might trigger the spleen to rupture. Hardly, a person’s spleen might rupture for no clear goal.

Spleen accidents set off intense, sudden ache. A girl might actually really feel dizzy or lightheaded, they normally ought to search emergency treatment. A surgeon might should take away the spleen.


True labor contractions generally start on the excessive of the uterus, inflicting an intense tightening sensation that turns into progressively additional painful. A girl who feels contractions beginning throughout the excessive of the abdomen is also going into labor.

Identify a medical expert instantly. If there’s vaginal bleeding, go to the emergency room.

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