puff hairstyle for round face

Stylish Puff Hairstyles For Round Face

A puff is a raised section of hair using comb and is made right on top of the forehead. The benefit of making a puff is that it hides and covers the roundness of your face and makes it loon long and is suitable as it clears off hair from your face giving a clear look. We have provided a whole set of hairstyles that can go with a puff. Take out your combs ladies, its hairstyle time! 

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Going by the name of the hairstyle, make a huge puff using the forehead hair and make a bun out of the remaining hair. Make sure to keep the parting of the hair middle as it makes it look more exquisite and picturesque. This hairdo is recommended for people with voluminous hair as it makes the face look bigger and cuts the softness of the face. Finish the look with a tiara and there you go! Looking no less than a princess.


Make two portions of your hair and make a braid with the forehead hair. This should resemble like a braid headband. Just take all of it in a bun and done! Just keep in mind the braid doesn’t look untidy or else it will spoil the whole aura and look.



This hairdo is as simple as it sounds. Just make a puff with the forehead hair and tie all of the remaining hair in a loose bun at the back of your head. This look is so simple and elegant that one can always use this. It’s best suited when you’re in a hurry and can’t spare much time. This has always been the go to hairstyle.



As the name predicts, this style works best for people with curly hair. Just take a comb and make a puff with the forehead hair and if you have naturally curly hair leave them open. And if not, curl your hair with a curling rod and whoosh! It’s done. This hairstyle gives us Coachella feels! Are you party ready?



Going by the name, the puff in this style is really high and is suggested only if you have voluminous hair. Simply make a high puff and complete the look by tying your hair in a bun. This looks brilliant with traditional attire and shows an authentic side of yours. Try this look with a sari and we bet you’ll look fiery.



Getting late for office? Not in the mood for doing hair today? Well if that the case this hairstyle is for you. Just backcomb your forehead hair and make them into a puff and tie the rest of the hair either in a bun or in a ponytail. Casual yet classy Works best for the lazy you!



If you are the eye catching type then this is perfect for you. Just make multiple braids with your puff and you’re the centre of attention already! We guarantee you’ll turn heads around.



A pompadour is a classic hairstyle and was usually donned by royal people back then. To try a little drama, just add a puff to your regular pompadour and you’re ready to rock. This hairstyle is classic as well as modern at the same time.



This is perfect for people who hesitate making a puff right at the front. All that is different is that we make a puff at the top rather than the front and part the front hair to either side of the hair. This look works best when you want to hide the roundness of your face and give it a clear and fuller look.


Having long hair and managing them can be challenging enough. And making a hairstyle out of them is a greater challenge. The best solution to this problem is a puff. Just make a puff and leave those locks loose. Let those locks work their natural magic and you’re ready to go!



Predicted by the name, just make a puff and tie the rest of the hair in a low ponytail. You’ll be surprised to see how amazingly this hairstyle changes your appearance. The look brings out and highlights your features and is a go to hairstyle. When in doubt, just puff it!


Have short hair? No issues. A puff works with all lengths of hair. Just make a puff at the front of your head and leave the rest of the hair open and let them work their natural magic. The look works for casual meetings and formal events too.



This hairdo works best only if you have voluminous hair. Just make a puff using all of your hair. The different layers add drama to your look and works best for formal events. This look just raised your glam quotient!





To add some drama and glam to your appearance just add some flowers in your bun and it completes your look. The puff along with the flowers in the bun make you look so gorgeous that we’re already drooling!



Running out of hairstyles? Just add a puff to your simple ponytail and it brings out a completely different version of yours. The ponytail adds a completely casual environment to the whole look and makes it go above all charts.



To focus on your long hair as well as your face, just make a puff and keep your hair on either of the sides. This way your face stays clear off all the hair and also highlights your luscious locks. Clever hairstyle we must say!



With so much heat around the corner, we suggest you the best way to keep your hair out of your way. Just tie the front hair in a little bubble using a comb and leave the rest of the hair either open or in a ponytail and you’re done! Go slay!



The trick about this style is that your hair looks shorter in the front and get voluminous as they reach the back of the head. This does create an illusion and raises your style bar to a completely different level.

Hair styling can be a tough business but when you’re ready to experiment it becomes easy and fun. We hope we were of some help to you.

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