Top 30 Money Piece Highlights (Brown, Blonde & Ombre, Colorful)

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Have you ever thought about experimenting and trying something new and fun with your hair? Ever heard of the money piece hair coloring technique? If not, today is your lucky day since we’re going to talk a lot about this unique approach. Keep on reading as we discuss this technique and help you find the best new look for your head shape or your hair length.

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Money Piece Hairstyle: FAQ

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1. What Is A Money Piece Hair?

In case you never heard of this technique don’t worry since you’re not alone! It is a term that is mostly known to hairstylists and not as much among hair salon visitors. A money piece coloring technique reminds a lot of the baby highlights or balayage highlights. This is where a hairstylist will add highlights or low-lights around your face to frame the face.

Why is it called a money piece? It is because it refers to the time-consuming as well as a cost-effective process that helps you save money in the long run since it is not as pricey as your balayage, ombré, or sombre highlights.

2. Who Can Go For This Look?

If you’re trying to rock and recreate some cute highlights and you have a strict budget yourself, you’re going to enjoy experimenting with this technique. Not only that it is not as pricey, but your end results will look elegant and minimalistic, which is ideal for women who enjoy flirty looks that are not too dramatic or overpowering.

3. Can You Do This Hairdo Your Own?

Not a lot of hairstylists will even know how to do these cute frontal pieces. This is because these have become popular just lately. For that reason, it might be best to leave this hair coloring process to a professional.

4. How Much Are Money Piece Highlights?

You will pay around $100 for these shorter and seamless looks. Expect to pay a bit more for longer hair and more dramatic or voluminous looks. The end result and price will mostly vary depending on your hairstylist and his or her level of experience.

20 Brown, Blonde & Ombre Money Piece Highlights

1. Black Hair Money Piece Blonde

Image Source:@randi_doeshair

If you have that dark brown or black base underneath you can spice up your look and go for these light blonde money piece highlights. Anyone who is into dramatic changes and hairstyles that can make a lot of impact= this is for you. Make sure that you are prepared to rock such a noticeable color before you book your hairstylist and give it a go with this transformation.

2. Blonde Money Piece On Brown Hair

Image Source:@hair_by_susy_

This hair color and mix of colors will work and look the best for the fall season. If you’re looking for some fun and vibrant hairdos and you want your hair to look spicy and feisty during this current season, give it a go with this look. The transformation itself will look warm and elegant without being too much.

3. Long Straight Hair Money Piece Highlights

Image Source:@colourbyfifi

If your natural hair is long and healthy and you prefer straight strands, this look is for you. You can make your money piece stand out by sticking to these light blonde yet cute bleached strands. Make sure that you’re a patient person when it comes to this look since it is not something that can be done as quickly or as easily.

4. Voluminous Brown Hair With Blonde Money Piece

Image Source:@emmanichols_hair

Oftentimes women enjoy this slightly messy and elegant hairdo with a ton of volume. Are you into wavy hairstyles? Consider rocking this cute duo of balayage highlights and money pieces at the center of your face. Mix light brown and blonde colors to experience this wavy outstanding caramel dream for formal wear!

5. Short Black Hair With Money Piece

Image Source:@nancynajeraa_

If your hair is naturally dark brown and you’re a fan of cool looks with light playful highlights, this money piece is for you! Wear your natural hair color but also spice up the look with light blonde and bleached strands. The final result is perfect for everyday wear, as well as for women who need a feminine day-to-day cut for the office.

6. Straight Blonde Ashy Hair With Money Piece

Image Source:@melaniebrownsalon

This straight hair bob with light blonde highlights is for workaholic women. If you enjoy precise and elegant looks and you also fully trust your hairstylist, why not ask them for this look and hairdo. Anyone who is into chic cuts and intriguing color placement options is naturally going to gravitate toward this hairdo.

7. Natural Brown Hair With Money Piece


Women who want a money-piece hairdo for their everyday wear and style should consider this design. Such cute and subtle waves and highlights will make you look so cute and innocent. If you enjoy femininity and you prefer money-piece ideas that are perfect for your day-to-day events, consider this beauty!

8. Orange Hair Money Piece

Image Source:@alexaloveshair

If you want to try out something cute and colorful in the middle of the fall season, we highly advise going for this look. It is cute and colorful without being too overdone. Blonde, break as well as auburn colors and orange colors are the most common go-to options during colder days. If you are youth and stylish plus you always follow new trends, consider this beauty!

9. Dark Brown Base With Money Piece

Image Source:@yvette_hairr

Dark brown or even black base will make any money piece hair color solution pop and stand out some more! Do you enjoy sleek looks and you’re a fan of drama? Do you like wavy ideas and dramatic color pops? If that is the case try out this money piece look. Women who are in their teens or twenties are going to enjoy it the most.

10. Ashy Blonde Money Piece On Brown Hair

Image Source:@balayagebrigade

Ashy tones and lighter highlights that have that grey undertone to them will always look feminine and intriguing. If you need a hairdo that has elegance and a lot of curl or volume, you’re going to enjoy this beauty. Mostly, women who are in their thirties are the perfect candidate for this hairstyle.

11. Caramel Brown Hair With Money Piece

Image Source:@ashleymystylist

This cute and elegant hair is the perfect spring or summer piece! Do you enjoy lighter looks and you’re a fan of waves and elegance? Wear this hairstyle for your prom, dance, party, or your birthday. The end result is perfect for anyone who is into modern chocolate shades and undertones that can look flirty.

12. Short Hair Blonde Money Piece

Image Source:@hairbyaudi

Ashy undertones and this money piece hairstyle are for women who are young and are always following trends. Make sure that you use the right toner for this hair color. If you’re not as skilled when it comes to your maintenance make sure that you ask your hairstylist for his or her help and input.

13. Money Piece On Brown Hair

Image Source:@hairbyjuudddyyy

The cutest hairstyle for the fall season. If you’re in your twenties or thirties you’re going to like this style the most. Anyone who is young retro or playful is going to enjoy their money-piece look for day wear and their simple elegant wear.

14. Chocolate Brown Hair With Money Piece Highlights

Image Source:@erincolorshair

If you prefer warm tones you’re going to like this design. Anyone who wants money piece highlights for their everyday wear, as well as women who want a summer-friendly haircut are going to enjoy this look. If you’re in your thirties this will interest you the most.


15. Long Brown Hair Money Piece

Image Source:@hairbylexiclark

Let your long and voluminous hair seek all the looks and the attention! If you’re into sexy waves and money piece looks this will interest you. If you’re into long and high-maintenance looks you’re going to like this beauty. Show off the curl with your round fluffy brush and wear these locks anytime any place.

16. Money Piece Hair With Highlights

Image Source:@hairbyjuudddyyy

This ombré hairdo will look cute on anyone who is into sleek ideas. If you trust your hairstylist and if they’re skilled when it comes to coloring hair and doing highlights, give this one a go! Let your hair shine and show off its full beauty for day and nightwear.

17. Money Piece On Black Hair

Image Source:@hairby.ayleen

Dark brown hair base and black hair can look good with some lighter pieces. These blonde money pieces will look the best on younger women and those who enjoy party looks. Wear your hair in this loose wave and subtly curl the ends. You will like the final result for your flirty looks.

18. Feminine Blonde Money Piece Hair

Image Source:@perfectlytousled

If you’re someone who likes balayage and ombré highlights you’re going to like this outcome. If you prefer show money piece looks and you’re someone who knows how to style your almost full blonde look, give this one a go. It will suit any age group as long as if you have time and patience for its styling.

19. Bob Cut With Money Piece


This short bob is so cute and retro! Chop your hair off to achieve this beauty. Anyone who is into sleek looks and elegant outcomes is going to like this money piece. If you’re a low-maintenance beauty you’re going to enjoy this design.

20. Short Blonde Yellow Money Piece

Image Source:@hair_blog_alessio

You can go for a full blonde yellowish moment. Women should wear this color for the summer season. If you have time to style it and you’re into its maintenance and upkeep you’re going to like the style. It will suit any age group equally as well.

10 Colorful Looks Money Piece Ideas

1. Money Piece Pink Look

Image Source:@fanola

If you enjoy a subtle pop of pink and you’re a fan of cute highlights you’re going to like this beauty. Add these money pieces in pink to make a statement. Women who are in their twenties are going to enjoy this elegant pink look the most.

2. Purple Highlights Money Piece

Image Source:@fanola

A white or light blonde base with purple highlights and purple money pieces will look feminine. If you’re someone who enjoys playing around with color and you’re looking for a spring hairdo you’re going to like this beauty. Add the right finishing touch to enjoy this creative design.

3. Bright Green Money Piece On Black Hair

Image Source:@barbeautyataltamoda

Green highlights and a green pop is the perfect money piece, literally! It will scream and show off your power as well as elegance. If you want to look powerful and dramatic you’re going to like this design. Make sure that you color it two times to end up with the perfect undertone of green.

4. Hot Red Money Piece On Black Hair

Image Source:@ninanirvana_hair

This red money-piece hair will look good on top of your brown base. If you’re someone who likes elegance and vibrant ideas this is it! Red hair and red highlights will look fiery on every lady, as well as any age group.

5. Orange Hair With Money Piece

Image Source:@clhair__

Show off these cute and cool orange highlights and vivid money pieces. If you’re someone who likes to switch up your hair color often you’re going to like this showy design. Make sure that you add a lot of hairspray to make it shine and look flashy for your night or daytime.

6. Blue Money Piece On Black Hair

Image Source:@emilyfoilshair

Blue can look so cute and playful. If you’re someone who likes darker highlights and you’re into cute looks give this one a go. It will look the best on younger women and those who want to add some darker highlights to their already darker natural base.

7. Lime Green Money Piece

Image Source:@hairbylilyb_

If you like light green or lime green highlights you’re going to enjoy this look. It also has a little bit of that Billie Eilish vibe. Go for this money piece addition and make your style vibrant and loud! The end result will suit younger women or teens the best.

8. Pink & Purple Money Piece Highlights

Image Source:@whitstodyefor

Add some hot pink highlights to your purple base. This money piece look is for women who like to color their hair quite often. If you are indecisive and you like to combine all the different colors of the rainbow on top or your head – this is it!

9. Long Hair Money Piece With Blue Highlights

Image Source:@hairbyajiah

Blue highlights on top of your light blonde base will look artsy. If you are a creative soul and someone who likes long, luscious, as well as intriguing looks, this is the look for you. Heads up since it is a time-consuming solution to go for.

10. Purple Highlights Money Piece On Brown Hair

Image Source:@acfstyles

Lastly, you can add this bright purple money piece highlights to your natural dark brown base. If you’re someone who has time & patience when it comes to maintaining such a color, we recommend going with this look. It is feminine and perfect for the spring season!

Money Piece Is A Steal!

Which money piece look you can’t wait to “grab”? All of these ideas will suit women who like to show off and those who wish to look elegant without spending way too much money. Let us know which design you can’t wait to rock or redo yourself?

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