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Reviewed: Sonicsmooth by Michael Todd Beauty

Dermaplaning can be one of those elusive beauty treatments: You know it exists, and you’ve heard good things about it; you just don’t know what it is or why you need it. So for those of you who don’t know, dermaplaning involves shaving a dead layer of skin off your face for the smoothest skin of your life. Other benefits include a brighter complexion, even skin tone, and an increase in collagen production. This process is usually done with a certified esthetician and a fine scalpel. It sounds scary, but the results are supposed to be amazing, and I have yet to find a person who’s done it and hated it.

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It’s always hard to find the time and gather the means to make an appointment. Lucky for those of us who are always busy (and strapped for cash), we can now do it in the comfort of our tiny NYC apartment. Last week, Michael Todd Beauty introduced the first at-home sonic dermaplaning device: the Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System.

The Design

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth is a small, handheld device that delivers spa-like, dermaplaning results. There are many additional touches that make it easy to use at home, including cord-free use (thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery) and three custom speeds. Also included in the box is a two-month supply of safety edges, housed in a unique case, to stay safe from rust and water. The base of the device is wide, making it easy to hold while you're performing the dermaplaning treatment.

Replacing the blade is easy and should be done each time you use the device. Take the machine, use your thumb to push the old blade up and out of the device, and slide it into the convenient replacement blade box to get a new one. The whole process takes less than 20 seconds. As far as charging goes, the battery lasts for three hours per charge, so you'll only need to plug it in every once in a while.

The Feel

Most dermaplaning tools use a razor-like device to remove unwanted hair and dead skin. The Sonicsmooth also incorporates sonic vibrations that help exfoliate the skin's surface. There are three speeds to choose from, from the most gentle to something with a bit more umph. It feels like gentle vibrations—nothing too aggressive here, folks.

How to Use

But where to begin when you’ve never had dermaplaning done before? I looked at the device nervously when I first saw it and immediately thought that I would cut myself or shave off an entire eyebrow. I asked celebrity esthetician and skincare expert Erica Parker for any tips and tricks to get the best results as a newbie. She reassured me this product is error-proof. First, you use the cleanser to prep the skin; Made with honey and oats, the cleanser gently removes any debris and makeup and is suitable for all skin types.

Next, hold the device to your skin at a 45-degree angle. Focusing on either the right or left side of the face first, use feather-like strokes in a downward motion along that half of the face. Parker says the key to mastering it is keeping your skin taught. So with your other hand, pull the skin upward as you shave with the device. When you’re done with the first half, move on to the other side. Your skin will feel dry, which is why it comes with a treatment gel—made with cactus pear, seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and calm the skin—to apply immediately after you finish using the device. For best results, use it at night before you go to bed, and only use it once a week.

To clean any built-up hair and skin while you use the device, make sure to have a clean tissue nearby to wipe the blade when you need to.

The Results

As someone who often skimps out on her nighttime skin routine (it’s something I’m working on being better about, I swear), I didn’t think I would enjoy having to deal with a device before going to bed. But I wrote down the tips I was given and followed the simple instructions above. After giving it a try for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is. The blades felt light against my skin, and there was no way I could cut myself. Hypothetically, I could shave off an entire eyebrow, but that takes a deliberate attempt rather than a one-off mistake. It took less than five minutes to do my whole face.

I woke up the next morning with noticeably smoother and softer skin. My complexion also seemed brighter—and I’m now a firm believer that dermaplaning is something everyone should try.

The Value

While it is pricier than other razors most people use to dermaplane at home, the Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System is the first device that uses sonic-wave technology to trim facial hair and gently remove dead skin cells at 258 beats per second. Plus, when you buy the kit, you get the device, a charging station, a two-month supply of blades, a cleanser, and after-treatment gel—spend more now to eventually save more later.

Similar Products

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Tinkle Eyebrow Razors: If you’re looking for a budget option, these should fit the bill. Even though the package says “eyebrow,” rest assured you can use them for your whole face. And at $5 for a pack of three, you can stock up to your heart’s content.

Our Verdict

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth is an excellent dermaplaning device that delivers visible results after just one use. It's quick, efficient, and for $99, you get all you need for spa-like results at home. I wholeheartedly recommend it and can't talk about how much I love it enough.

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