20 Korean Hairstyles For Girls That Will Perk Up Your Persona

korean girl haircut style
  • 1. Boyish pixie
  • 2. Pinned curls bun
  • 3. Sleek half up-do
  • 4. Sleek fine layers
  • 5. Side-swept pixie
  • 6. Tousled ponytail
  • 7. Side-swept brunette bob
  • 8. Headband ponytail
  • 9. Long blunt
  • 10. Tousled side parting
  • 11. Sleek and black
  • 12. Smooth pixie
  • 13. Tousled bun with layered bangs
  • 14. Fringed bob
  • 15. Side-parted bob
  • 16. Beachy waves
  • 17. Oval bob
  • 18. Hair puff
  • 19. Round fringe bob
  • 20. Vintage curls


You are reading: Korean girl haircut style | 20 Korean Hairstyles For Girls That Will Perk Up Your Persona

1. Boyish pixie

Image Source: @Grace Kim

If you want a short cut, yet you wish to retain a feminine vibe, this should be your pick. This one is dressed in slightly sharper strands, thus giving it an overall spike-like feel.


2. Pinned curls bun

Image Source: @pk lim

If you have curly hair, there is a fun Korean spin that can give you hair in the form of this style. The best part about this hairstyle is that you do not need to bring about any change in your haircut. You just have to take your curly hair and pin it using bobby pins in an upward direction. This gives gorgeous volume to the hair and a tender look to the face.


3. Sleek half up-do

Image Source: @佐伊

Ahh, this one is common, but the easiest one. All you have to do is straighten your hair and brush it into sleek ends and then take half of your and pin it backwards in a half up-do. Want to add a more traditional Korean touch to the look? Add a red lipstick. This hairstyle works best if you have straight hair.


4. Sleek fine layers

Image Source: @beauty-navi

This is a hairstyle best suited for fine and straight hair. These are smart and have a sophisticated charm attached. You get your haircut in fine layers and then the hair is brushed and casually combed backwards in natural waves, without any parting.


5. Side-swept pixie

Image Source:@Stylecraze

Pixies are quite loved in Korea and one of the most common hairstyles. But there is a new spin every time you spot one. This side-swept pixie is no different. This one involves layers that are swept off to one side to add more volume at the forehead.


6. Tousled ponytail

Image Source: @Stylecraze

This is another edgy hairstyle which gives a soft, tousled look. This can be worn with formals as well as casuals. Add thick and short bangs on the sides to give it a better look. Wear the rest of the hair in a loose ponytail.


7. Side-swept brunette bob

Image Source: @Zimbio

This one is another side-swept look, just like the pixie, which is quite popular in Korea. It is a neat bob which again adds volume to the hair due to the layers involved. It is particularly good when you have a large forehead as the bangs cover it.


8. Headband ponytail

Image Source: @Stylecraze

Headbands are hugely popular in almost all cultures and Koreans are no exception. Adding a headband to any haircut or hairstyle can add a different spin and can even perk it up. These headband hairstyles are especially popular in Korea along with a leaf-style side bang. Tie the rest of the hair in a loose ponytail.


9. Long blunt

Sleek hairdos are quite popular in Korea and this is another example of the same. This one is a sleek long blunt style which frames the face very softly and is perfect to carry with formals, when you are stepping in for a meeting. It’s simple and chic!


10. Tousled side parting

Image Source: @The Right Hairstyles

Tousled and simple hairstyles that do not give out the vibes of being artificially styled are much loved in Korea. This messy side parting gives a windy and tousled vibe and is best suited for those with either medium-length or long hair.


11. Sleek and black

Image Source: @Luulla

Source: findtobeauty.com

One thing that we have in common with Koreans is our hair texture and colour. Indians too have mostly dark brown and black hair. And if you have sleek and straight hair, you can flaunt the quintessential Korean poker straight hair that oozes sophistication from the word go.


12. Smooth pixie

Image Source: @Stylecraze

Why not? Korean faces are mostly thin and pointed and that is exactly the face type on which this flatter version of the pixie cut would sit well. This one works best with either straight hair or wavy hair wherein long and wavy bangs are side tucked in an extremely neat manner.


13. Tousled bun with layered bangs

Image Source: @Styles At Life

You must have already got the hang of the Korean fascination with tousled hairstyles. Well, we are not complaining. The messy and tousled element gives these hairstyles a gorgeous slightly casual and innocent look. This bun is an addition to the list. It has a layered bang at the front and the rest of the hair is gathered up at the nape in a messy bun. The bun can also be fashioned into a topknot.


14. Fringed bob

Image Source: @HAIR 公式アカウント

Of course fringes are a rage in Korea as well. This one is another popular hairdo from Korea that can be flaunted with as much ease here. It involves a straight and thick fringe in the front with the rest of the hair kept straight and fuss-free.


15. Side-parted bob

Image Source: @REDBOOK Magazine

A super short bob is what you need for this one. Just comb it into sleek tresses and get a side fringe done which is accentuated with a side parting. This one looks super adorable and has a defined look to it.


16. Beachy waves

Image Source: @Nora ahmed

Now this is super easy. If you have medium-length or long hair, this would especially suit you to the tee. Here, hair is parted and then styled into loose and beachy waves. It’s elegant and has an informal vibe to it. Yet, it goes well with formal outfits as well.


17. Oval bob

Image Source: @Sheila Alfonso

This one is done with long bangs at the end of the hair and shorter ones in the middle. This is a cute haircut that takes off years from your age and gives your face a fresher and younger look. It also involves forehead fringes, especially good for those with a wider forehead.


18. Hair puff

Image Source: @OfficialKoreanFashionBlogspot

Puffs are slightly different from the buns. While buns are usually fashioned at the nape of the neck, puffs are mostly centred towards the middle or upper-middle area, focusing on the puff at the crown. The aim is to add volume and give the illusion of a thinner and more angular face. This is also a popular Korean hairstyle, understated and gorgeous!


19. Round fringe bob

Image Source: @Freshideen

Now this one is quite a traditional Korean hairstyle. Go for it only if you are super confident that you would be able to pull if off. This is a chic, smart and neat look with straight fringes at the front and the rest of the hair cut in a manner that it offers a circular effect to the face and hair.


20. Vintage curls

Image Source: @Lawrence Salazar

Everyone loves taking a leaf out of the era gone by. Korean styles too sometimes take a peek into the past diaries. Vintage curls are inspired from the same desire. It is a refined style which adds an aura of grace to the persona.

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