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Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Hair Dye for Indian Skin

Do you have grey hair? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are probably not a stranger to hair dyes. And yet, there are many Indian women – and men – out there who still don’ t know too much about choosing the right hair dye for Indian hair.  Then there are those set of folks who do not dye their gray hair because they worry about the possible damage hair colouring could cause. Or worse, what if hair dyes increase the gray hairs. To answer all your questions, and some more, we put together this blog post on  things to keep in mind when choosing a hair dye.

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In this post you will learn about::

  • Types of hair dye
  • The best hair dye in India for men
  • The best hair dye in India for women
  • Organic and Homemade hair dye options

But before any of that, let’s answer a basic question…

What is the Difference Between Hair Dye and Hair Colour?

People often mix up the hair dye and hair colour and at the time to buy one, they buy anything and get the unwanted result. There is a thin line of difference between hair dye and hair colour which is essential to understand.

Hair colour goes outside the hair and changes the colour of the outer surface. It doesn’t last that long and fades away with few washes.

Hair dyes penetrate into the hair shaft and change the colour from inside and thus, stays longer.

Types of hair dye

The types of hair dyes that can be distinguished are:

Permanent hair dye

This is a permanent colour and does not fade away with washes. Permanent hair dye has the components like hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, couplers, PPD.

Demi-permanent hair dye

This type of dye do not contain ammonia and are chemically milder than the permanent hair dyes. But as it contains PPD you need to do a patch test, just like permanent hair colour before applying to your hair.

Semi-permanent hair dye

Semi-permanent hair dyes are ammonia free and also hydrogen peroxide free. The colour molecules stay in the cuticle, which is the outermost layer of the hair. They can be natural or synthetic in nature.

Gradual hair dye

These are the metallic dyes and leave the dark shade of metal oxides or sulfides when applied. They need frequent re-application and easily fades away with a shampoo wash. Perming or straightening of hair should not be done while having metallic dyes.

Temporary hair dye

The temporary hair dyes are ideally called hair colours which are washed with just one shampooing. They do not penetrate into the hair cortex and sits on the surface of the hair. They can use for fun, parties and special occasions and comes in funky colours.

Best Hair Dye for Men

Over time, Indian men have moved away from conservative styling decisions and are getting some real trendy hair colouring done. When choosing a hair dye, your plays a deciding factor.

If not matched correctly, then the hair colour may look pale with the skin tone, or too burn out. While men with warm skin undertones should opt for ‘cool’ hair colours, men with a cool skin undertone should pick warm hued hair colour shades.

Here’s a list of some common hair dyes for men which are globally popular:

Bigen Men’s Speedy Colour: Natural Black

This is a crème based hair colour and gives a natural healthy looking hair. The three ingredients like glycine, olive oil, and pullulan give gloss and moisture. It covers grey hair effectively and without any pungent smell while applying.

Revlon Top Speed Hair Dye Man: Natural Black

It is an ammonia free hair colour and has the speed up colouring technology. It is a permanent colour process that ensures 100% grey hair coverage and can be retouched when needed.

Just For Men Hair Colour: Real Black

This is an ammonia free hair colour and has no dripping formula. It covers each grey hair effectively and in less time. It does not damage hair and colours a subtle tone that goes well with natural hair colour.

Garnier Colour Naturals Men: Darkest Brown

products provide an intense nutrition and nourished hair with three precious oils. It gives a long-lasting colour effect and covers all the greys effortlessly. It has a non-dripping formula and has a pleasant smell.

Aequo Color Men 1N Organic Hair Colour: Jet Black

This hair colour has mostly organic ingredients and exclusive plant micro-pigments. It is a regenerative hair colour with organic ingredients that are mild for hair and gives shine and the perfect colour. It can be used in hair, beard, and moustache.

Best Hair Dye for Women

Most of the women are super conscious about the look and texture of their hair. Compared to men, they’re more open to experimenting when picking a colour from the hair colour chart, whether it is for colouring grey hair, or styling.

These are different kinds of hair colours available abundantly in the market by various brands.

Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour Woman: Natural Brown

This hair dye is ammonia free and has sped up colour technology, as well keratin to make the hair smooth and shiny. The product comes with a unique retouch brush so that the born grey hair can be retouched when needed. It is a permanent hair colour and covers grey hair efficiently.

Revlon Colorsilk Hair Colour with 3D Colour Technology: Dark Auburn

It is infused with 3D colour technology and apple extract. The ammonia-free hair dye gives 100% grey hair coverage without being too harsh. It also consists of UV defence which keeps the colour shiny and vibrant for a longer time.

Manic Panic Classic Cream Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Dye: Blue Steel

It is a semi-permanent hair dye with the herbal protein complex. It is a vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free, ammonia free, and PPD free product. It can be suitable for pre-lightened hair.  And yes, blue would be a an interesting hair dye of choice to cover grey hair.

Schwarzkopf Essensity Ammonia-Free Permanent Colour 3D: Dark Brown

The is an ammonia-free permanent hair dye with many organic ingredients. It gives needed coverage to grey hair and keeps hair healthy and shiny that lasts long.

BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour: Deep Burgundy

This hair dye range by BBlunt  has a unique shine tonic that provides gorgeous salon-like hair at home. It offers 100% grey coverage and is enriched with silk protein formula, while the colour lasts for 8 weeks.

Best Homemade Hair Dye

Whether you have grey hair or not, you can always try various trusted homemade dyes which are mild on the hair, and are effective in grey coverage. Homemade hair dyes give you a semi-permanent hair colour and, with frequent use, will make your hair colour last long. The natural and organic ingredients will make the quality of your hair better with regular use. And of course,  you save money too!

Using tea and coffee with the natural henna and indigo can give you colour along with other herbal ingredients like rosemary, hibiscus, and calendula, beet and carrot juice, lemon and walnut shells.

In case the whole idea of mixing homemade hair dyes feels too troublesome, here are some brands that are natural hair colours.

Lagona herbal hair colour

This brand does not use any artificial colorants so it is not for 100% grey hair coverage. It mixes with the natural hair colour and gives a more natural look.

Herbatint hair colour

This is a permanent hair dye which makes no damage to your hair. It is nicely formulated with her extracts using rosemary, walnut husk, and cinchona. It provides a natural and vibrant result but keeps hair softer with each use.

Palette hair colour

This is a non-allergic PPD free hair dye which covers grey hair in very less time. It is a permanent hair colour and safe for natural hair. It covers the grey hair effortlessly.

Organic colour system

This permanent hair dye contains certified organic ingredients and natural extracts. It provides remarkable colour result without damaging the hair moisture and essential protein. The hair dye is completely ammonia-free and comes with super attractive colour ranges. It has natural soothing anti-inflammatory agents which are safe for sensitive skin.

Last Words on Choosing a Hair Dye

Whether you are trying to cover your greys or making a style statement, or you just want a change, coloring your hair always comes with chances of hair damage. Some of the things you can do to prevent hair damage are to see the ingredient list before buying the hair dye, take a patch test before using the hair colours, and following a .

Olive oil and honey together work wonders for coloured hair. Read this post on .

Getting a hair spa once a month would leave your hair healthy and make your colour last longer. In case you don’t want to visit a salon, you can with Urban Company’s Salon at Home service.

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