Why Is My Subwoofer Not Hitting Laborious

It may be fairly annoying when your subwoofers don’t hit laborious sufficient and sound weak. The crisp, highly effective audio output of a hard-hitting automotive subwoofer simply takes your audio expertise to the following stage. You don’t simply take heed to the music, you are feeling it.

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There are numerous hacks and tips that may make your subwoofer hit more durable. However first, that you must perceive how do automotive subwoofer works and the potential causes behind a weak-sounding subwoofer.

Let’s see the explanation why your subwoofer would possibly sound weak.

Causes Why Your Subwoofer Is Not Hitting Laborious Sufficient

The operate of subwoofers is to emit low-frequency sounds. These make the bass tones wealthy and improve the general high quality of the sound.

Subwoofers play solely when there are low-frequency sounds within the audio, they’re silent when there aren’t any low-frequency sounds. There may be many causes on your subwoofer not hitting laborious sufficient. Listed below are among the commonest points:

  • No Low-Frequency Sounds: Individuals count on to listen to a thumping bass on each audio piece they play. Nonetheless, low-frequency feels like bass guitar or drums aren’t all the time enjoying.Whereas checking your subwoofer, ensure you play a monitor with low-frequency sounds to seek out out in case your subwoofer is working or not.
  • Speaker Settings: Generally the subwoofer quantity will not be adjusted correctly. Test the audio settings, if the bass subwoofer stage is low, improve it in line with your preferences.
  • Flawed Frequency: Subwoofers aren’t unbiased units. They work in configuration with the remainder of the woofers. If all of the audio system aren’t synchronized, the sound high quality shall be fairly unhealthy. Be sure that the frequency of your subwoofer is identical as your predominant audio system.
  • Acoustics: Generally it might look like your subwoofers aren’t hitting laborious sufficient, however it’s really the acoustics of the room which might be making your audio system sound unhealthy.House studios usually have standing wave issues, which might soften the audio system irrespective of how good they’re. Take a look at the room acoustics earlier than blaming your subwoofers.
  • Supply Configuration: This may very well be the reason for your issues if you’re in a studio. Test this system sources like your microphone to seek out out if the issue is with them or the subwoofer. You can even join your subwoofer to your cellphone or iPod. If the sound is okay, the issue lies with the supply’s configuration.
  • Flawed Amplifier: It’s straightforward to inform if in case you have the unsuitable amplifier dimension. In case your subwoofer sounds good when the quantity is low, however doesn’t hit laborious sufficient once you improve the quantity, your amplifier is just too small.
  • Motor Issues: This isn’t quite common, however a weak subwoofer may very well be attributable to an issue with the motor. The fuse or the battery might blow, damaging the motor.If you’re certain that it isn’t any of the above causes, examine if the motor is working accurately.

Why Does My Subwoofer Sound Weak?

If you’re studying this text, you may need this query—why does my automotive subwoofer sound weak, precisely? What are the exact causes behind this? Let’s undergo a few of these causes intimately to be able to assess your subwoofer by yourself and decide the problem.

As soon as you work the trigger out, it is going to grow to be a lot simpler to unravel the issue.

Motor Points

There could be points with the motor itself that could be inflicting the subwoofer to sound weak. In case there are any faults inside the battery or the fuse, then this concern is prone to unfold to different parts of the car, together with the motor.

This will then result in small faults or a failure in an excessive case. Both means, these motor-related points might actually have an effect on the subwoofer as properly, inflicting it to provide a weak or distorted sound.

Ensure you examine the motor to make sure that it’s working easily. If not, you’ll need to take your automotive to a mechanic.

Low Frequency Output

It is very important remember that the subwoofer itself is supposed to boost these elements of the music or track which have low frequency, including to an improved thrumming impact if you are listening to the track.

Whereas this would possibly sound apparent, it’s important so that you can make sure that the music you’re enjoying has such low frequency output within the first place. If it doesn’t, the subwoofer is unlikely to boost the track that you’re enjoying.

In fact, for those who maintain enjoying music that comprises low frequency output and the subwoofer nonetheless doesn’t find yourself catching them, then you’ll need to find out and repair the problem.

System Settings

It’s doable that the settings in your sound system, together with the subwoofer, won’t be favorable sufficient for the subwoofer, inflicting it to provide weaker sounds. In such a case, you’ll need to examine and alter the settings of all of the parts.

For instance, if the settings of your audio system aren’t in sync with the settings of the subwoofer, then this might result in a conflict in frequency ranges. This will result in distorted or weak audio.

There may additionally be points with the quantity of the subwoofer, bass knob or the quantity stage of different elements of the system, akin to the top unit. There could be points or incorrect settings on the receiver as properly.

When you have an amplifier, ensure you examine that each one its settings are favorable sufficient and in tune with the subwoofer in order that they will work correctly collectively with out affecting the sound high quality.

Underpowered Subwoofer

If you’re not offering enough energy inputs to the subwoofer, then this might undoubtedly trigger it to provide weaker sounds than its standard capability.

Ensure you don’t join the subwoofer with an amplifier that’s already strained and worn out as this might result in distorted sounds, damaging the audio high quality much more.

You have to to determine the best crossover settings in terms of the form of speaker you’re utilizing to make sure that the facility ranges are applicable.

Acoustics and Configurations

Fairly merely, the problem won’t have a lot to do together with your subwoofer in any respect. In case your subwoofer is in a room, then it’s doable that the acoustics of that room won’t work properly to help the sound system.

There may additionally be poor configurations when it comes to the system or supply that you’re enjoying the music from.

In your automotive, if in case you have positioned your subwoofer in a cramped area that doesn’t have sufficient air flow, then this might result in a weak sound as properly.


You must examine that each one the connections to and from the subwoofer are in place, since weak connections can result in weak sounds. It may possibly assist to disconnect and reconnect among the cables after which check out the subwoofer sound once more at completely different volumes and songs.

You may additionally have to examine the wiring close to the principle unit, the converter (if any) and the battery. Make sure that not one of the wires are burnt, damaged, leaking or corroded, as this might result in poor sound high quality as properly. Restore or exchange these wires on time to stop additional harm.

How one can Make Your Subwoofer Hit Tougher

Right here’s what you are able to do to make your subwoofer hit more durable:

  • Ensure you are utilizing the proper amplifier on your automotive audio subwoofer. Amplifiers have completely different energy outputs, that you must discover the one which matches your subwoofer. Your subwoofer will hit more durable with the proper amplifier.
  • Get a bandpass field. Bandpass bins are used to maximise the sound output of subwoofers. They don’t work with each subwoofer, so be certain that to do your analysis before you purchase one.The consumer handbook of your subwoofer will most likely let you know whether it is suitable with a bandpass field.
  • Tweak the settings in your amplifier and stereo unit. Adjusting these settings will enhance the general high quality of the sound. If you determine the best settings, you could possibly make your subwoofer hit more durable.
  • Earlier than you attempt to change the settings or purchase bandpass bins, be certain that the issue is with the subwoofer itself. Play audio with low-frequency feels like thumping noises or bass guitars. Pay attention rigorously and really feel the woofer. If you’ll be able to really feel the vibrations of the low-frequency sounds, your subwoofer is working tremendous. It is probably not hitting laborious sufficient due to the acoustics or the amplifier.

How one can Inform When a Subwoofer Is Dangerous

It may be a bit troublesome to inform when a subwoofer is unhealthy whereas shopping for it and even when you begin utilizing it. Aside from the sound high quality itself that turns into weak, you must also look out for another standards in terms of this unit.

For example, make it possible for the subwoofer is comprised of sturdy and sturdy materials and has a very good guarantee coverage in place. Ensure you look at the subwoofer from all sides earlier than shopping for it and enquire a couple of check run.

When you begin utilizing it, in case you discover any points with the parts of the subwoofer such because the cone or the coil, then this might point out harm as properly. Ensure you don’t spill or drop something in your subwoofer both.

In case you discover any harm on it by these strategies, then you’ll need to attempt to restore the problem or name knowledgeable.

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How one can Make the Subwoofer Sound Higher

Now that you’ve decided the causes behind your subwoofer sounding weak, how are you going to make it sound higher? Let’s check out some methods.

  • Don’t overwhelm your subwoofer or rely an excessive amount of on different parts to make up for its weak sound. Make sure that the quantity ranges of all of the parts can work properly sufficient with the subwoofer.
  • You’ll be able to strive shopping for a high-quality system or air purifier on your subwoofer in order that it will probably improve the sound high quality. You can even make use of section shifters that may decrease different pointless sounds.
  • You must attempt to restore the problem as quickly as doable, both by yourself (if you’re expert and assured sufficient) or by calling knowledgeable. You would possibly want to interchange the parts, repair the wiring or exchange your complete subwoofer itself.

Wrapping up

Subwoofers can vastly improve the sound high quality and remodel your listening expertise. Whether or not you’re a skilled utilizing them in your studio or an novice utilizing them in your automotive or house, you’ll recognize the distinction they make.

It’s important you perceive the technicalities of working a subwoofer. Even finding out the handbook provides you with sufficient data to deal with your sound system properly.

In the event you don’t perceive your sound system, you’ll find yourself with low sound high quality regardless of investing in the perfect sound system.

FAQ on Why is my subwoofer not hitting laborious

Why Does My Subwoofer Sound Weak?

There are numerous issues that would trigger your subwoofer to sound weak. First, make it possible for the issue lies together with your subwoofer by testing it with a monitor stuffed with low-frequency sounds.

If you’re certain that the subwoofer is malfunctioning, examine the amplifier subsequent. Having the unsuitable amplifier dimension is the commonest purpose for subwoofers sounding weak.

Subsequent, examine the subwoofer quantity within the speaker settings and if the subwoofer is on the proper frequency. Study the configuration of this system sources too.

Lastly, it may very well be that your subwoofer is sounding weak resulting from a defective motor. This isn’t quite common, however typically a blown fuse causes a failure within the motor. Your subwoofer is most likely sounding weak resulting from one of many above causes.

How Do I Make My Subs Hit the Hardest?

There are numerous methods to make your subwoofer hit more durable. Some of the common methods is so as to add filters or section shifters to your subwoofer.

You can even make minor upgrades to your subwoofer to make it hit more durable. Change the small cone in entrance of the subwoofer, change the voice coil or get a brand new enclosure for the subwoofer.

In the event you don’t need to put a lot effort into it, simply flip the quantity to zero and play your monitor with medium bass. Now improve the principle unit’s quantity nearly to its most. Enhance the achieve to the utmost stage. The subwoofer will begin to contort.

Now barely lower the achieve till the distortion is gone. So long as your subwoofer is configured and put in accurately, it will make your subwoofer hit more durable.

Debugging the issue with the weak subwoofer step-by-step

First you need to examine the top unit to see the sound output and if the sound is weak if that’s the case that you must tweak the audio settings. Subsequent factor to examine is the bandpass field with the amplifier and stereo unit to examine the sound output. So that you must examine if the amplifier and stereo unit has sufficient energy to play music. When you have a house setup then examine the room acoustics and the bandpass field. In lots of circumstances the bandpass field may very well be the offender.

How Do I Repair a Low Subwoofer Sound?

You’ll be able to strive fixing a low subwoofer sound by attempting to vary the quantity or different settings. A defend or night time mode may additionally be inflicting the problem, so ensure you flip these off.

If the problem is larger, you’ll need to get it mounted as quickly as doable.

What Does a Blown Subwoofer Sound Like?

A blown subwoofer might have an effect on the sound high quality considerably. If so, the subwoofer will produce weak, cracking, popping, flat, static-like or distorted sounds. You’ll be able to check this out at completely different volumes to examine if that is the problem.

Accordingly, you’ll need to restore or exchange the subwoofer.

What makes a subwoofer hit more durable?

There are numerous methods to make your subwoofer hit more durable. Some of the common methods is so as to add filters or section shifters to your subwoofer. You can even make minor upgrades to your subwoofer to make it hit more durable. Change the small cone in entrance of the subwoofer, change the voice coil or get a brand new enclosure for the subwoofer.

What are the commonest automotive subwoofer low quantity issues?

The most typical automotive subwoofer low quantity issues:

  •  Motor points
  • Low-frequency output
  • Underpowered subwoofer
  • Weak connections
  • Weak acoustics
  • Unfavorable system settings

My subs don’t hit laborious. What ought to I do?

In case your subs don’t hit laborious otherwise you’re undecided what’s unsuitable, strive troubleshooting.

More often than not, a subwoofer system isn’t highly effective sufficient to play at excessive volumes and produce good bass response. If so, you may get an amplifier or add extra audio system and wiring to your setup.

Why does my subwoofer hits laborious then tender?

There are numerous the explanation why your subwoofer hits laborious then tender. Some of the widespread causes is that your amplifier is clipping when it performs bass at excessive volumes.

You may additionally have a system setting interfering with the efficiency of the audio system. If so, you possibly can attempt to change settings till you get higher sound high quality.

My subwoofer quiet. What ought to I do?

In case your subwoofer is quiet, you most likely have two choices. Attempt utilizing a special head unit or amplifier to see if the problem will get mounted. If this doesn’t work, get a brand new subwoofer and examine all connections.

Why is my subwoofer not hitting excessive bass?

There are numerous the explanation why your subwoofer isn’t hitting excessive bass. Some of the widespread causes is that you just’re not giving it sufficient energy. Different doable points: The top unit could be defective, or you will have a grounding concern.

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