Tips on how to get your self a Water Strider mount, essentially the most helpful mount of any growth

Bear in mind again in the course of the Legion alpha when there was a proposed nerf to WAter Strider mounts? On the time, Blizzard introduced the Azure Water Strider would solely work in Pandaria, whereas the Crimson Water Strider would solely work in Draenor. Individuals have been none too glad about this, and it didn’t take lengthy for Blizzard to revert the restrictions.

You are reading: Tips on how to get your self a Water Strider mount, essentially the most helpful mount of any growth

No such restrictions have been proposed for Battle for Azeroth, fortunately. It’s a great factor, too — I believe it’s the one mount I’ve seen in all places! And it’s not arduous to see why. We’re questing round islands and, notably on the horde facet, there tends to be a whole lot of water to traverse.

Don’t have one, but? Right here’s methods to get them.

Tips on how to get the Azure Water Strider

This mount requires a popularity grind with The Anglers faction from Mists of Pandaria. Each day, you fly to southern Krasarang and decide up a wide range of day by day quests which grant popularity. Every day by day awards 500 rep, and it takes roughly an hour to finish nevertheless many are up every day. There are additionally three particular fish you possibly can catch. These will be turned in as soon as per day for 350 rep apiece!

In fact, there’s a a lot simpler method to get popularity with The Anglers… offered you don’t thoughts performing some Timewalking.

By that I imply, you should purchase popularity commendations with Timewarped Badges and earn your self an additional 300 rep every. The Mists of Pandaria Timewalking vendor Mistweaver Xia sells these. Though you possibly can farm Timewarped Badges throughout any Timewalking occasion, Xia will solely seem throughout a Mists Timewalking week. Conflict Mode gamers, take word: It’s in all probability finest to quickly flip Conflict Mode off when visiting the Timeless Isle.

Tips on how to get the Crimson Water Strider

In order for you this mount — both as a result of it appears cool otherwise you’re working towards one of many mount accumulation achievements — put together for a grind. There’s no method round it. You’ll must go to Draenor and do some fishing. That fishing is tied to your garrison. When you skipped Warlords of Draenor, you’ll must go to the Blasted Lands and discover Khadgar on the Darkish Portal.

Sadly, you’re going to must do the introductory quests in an effort to set up your garrison. After that, you’ll must do the fishing quests and fish up 100 of every fish obtainable in Draenor. When you’ve executed all this and have the Draenor Angler achievement, your fishing shack needs to be degree 3. Now you can recruit Nat Pagle to be your follower.

Oh yeah, there’s nonetheless much more to go. It’s a must to return to Krasarang Wilds and ask him to come back to Draenor. It’s a three-step quest to get him to your garrison.

As if that weren’t sufficient of a slog, the gadgets he sells in your garrison can’t be bought with gold. You want the particular forex, Nat’s Fortunate Coin. You get these if you flip in particular fish referred to as Lunkers. It’s a random likelihood to fish one up out of any fishing pool in Draenor. Every fish is value one Fortunate Coin. There’s additionally a small likelihood of fishing up cash by themselves when fishing in your garrison. The drop fee within the garrison is about half what it’s in Draenor. It takes a whole lot of casts to earn sufficient for that mount.

Different fantastic gadgets from Nat

When you discover, there are different gadgets you should buy off Nat. When you’re going to be doing a whole lot of fishing, I strongly advocate the fishing raft. You may’t fish from the Water Strider, and I’ve discovered I do a whole lot of fishing from off shore, primarily to keep away from mob clusters. You aren’t dismounted if you change from a weapon to your pole for those who’re utilizing the Artifact Fishing Pole, nor are you dismounted if you cease to fish. I’m a lot quicker in fishing up a string of swimming pools when I’m on the raft. So long as you don’t take injury from mobs, it lasts for 10 minutes.

I additionally need to level out you possibly can get hold of each the Sea Turtle and the Driving Turtle from Cavedwellers that spawn whereas fishing within the garrison — however your fishing shack have to be degree 3. Moreover these Cavedwellers can drop a wide range of gadgets, together with the strangest hats you may need seen — hats which should be transmoggable. There are toys and pets to acquire with gold or Nat’s Cash as effectively.

And there you go! That’s methods to get a Water Strider. When you actually don’t like fishing, your finest wager is to run Timewalking dungeons at each likelihood and, when Mists of Pandaria Timewalking is up, flip your badges into commendations. Getting a Water Strider is a grind, however I discover getting round to be a lot simpler with one.

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