How To : Defend Your Door with Excessive Voltage

Supplies and Instruments

To construct this undertaking, you may want: 

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  • A soldering iron
  • Flux-core solder
  • Insulated magnet wire (copper wire, it may be extracted from a solenoid)
  • A disposable digital camera (Kodak works greatest)
  • Aluminum tape
  • Some screwdrivers (relying on the disposable digital camera screws)

Step 1 Dismantle digital camera / discharge capacitor

First, dismantle the disposable digital camera and discharge the capacitor. Utilizing the picture beneath, find the massive, black battery-like cylinder and cross the 2 prongs with a screwdriver. That is for security functions, because the capacitor can maintain a cost for lengthy intervals of time and electrocute you should you full the circuit along with your fingers. 

Step 2 Create the circuit

The circuit is sort of easy, consisting of the transformer, transistor, resistor, capacitor and diode from the digital camera circuit. Comply with these steps to create the circuit, or use the schematic beneath (the circuit may simply be made on a protoboard or standalone).

Step 3 Solder capacitor to transformer

Lastly, desolder the tiny yellow capacitor from the disposable digital camera circuit. Then, solder it onto the transformer.

Notice: I constructed my circuit standalone, it seemed one thing like this:

Step 4 Connect magnet wires

Now that the circuit is completed (be sure you set up a change into the circuit!), it ought to simply function on the common AA battery, or 1.5 volts. And now you may apply it to your door! The tough half is getting the sufferer to finish the circuit with their hand and launch the ability saved within the capacitor via their hand. Connect two 5-inch items of magnet wire to the optimistic and unfavourable excessive voltage outputs of your transformer circuit. It is simple to take away the insulation from the magnet wire with a soldering iron, as a result of it simply melts off.

Step 5 Place the aluminum tape

Lower some aluminum tape (two tiny 1-inch by 1/8-inch strips) and stick each on the doorknob, like so:


Notice: The image solely exhibits one facet. Additionally, in case your doorknob does not seem like mine, or is spherical or one other form, the idea is solely to position the aluminum strips in a spot on the deal with the place the sufferer would contact each, thus finishing the circuit.

Step 6 Connect wires to aluminum strips

Now, take one of many wires you chop earlier and fasten it to ONE of the aluminum strips. You’ll be able to simply connect the wire to the aluminum by bending over a portion of the tape, and wrapping the wire round it. The thought right here is to create a “circuit” out of your doorknob, in order that when somebody makes an attempt to open it, the circuit is accomplished and electrocutes them. There are lots of methods to do that, simply experiment. 🙂

Take the OTHER wire and do the identical process, solely to the opposite aluminum strip.

Should you get caught, or are confused, be happy to contact me or remark.

Step 7 Mount the voltage circuit

Now, mount the voltage circuit on the opposite facet of the door with some tape or related adhesive. All the circuit, together with the battery, must be very tiny and nearly invisible. The wires from the aluminum strips ought to simply wrap across the door itself, since they’re very skinny and there may be normally some leniency in distance between the door and the door body.

Step 8 Check it!

Try it out! The voltage from the capacitor is not deadly (except significantly misused), however ought to ship a startling blast of voltage positive to depart the sufferer’s arms tingling! Most individuals do not have a look at a doorknob earlier than they open a door, particularly if it is one they undergo usually. It is higher to disguise the silver tape in case your doorknob is not silver—there are lots of methods to do that. Use your creativeness! 🙂

The circuits used on this article are additionally used within the Excessive-Lighter Stun Gun and Coil Gun. Examine them out should you’re eager about different high-voltage initiatives! 

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