How you can Draw Manga Speech Bubbles Tutorial

This tutorial exhibits how to attract completely different sorts of manga and comedian guide speech bubbles. It additionally explains when it’s possible you’ll wish to use every kind.

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Manga speech bubble drawing examples

Completely different sorts of speech bubbles can be utilized to visually reinforce the message of the textual content they include. This tutorial exhibits among the extra generally used varieties of those bubbles. It may be useful for anybody making an attempt to both draw or higher perceive manga.

1 – Primary Bubble

Manga regular speech bubble

The “primary” bubble that’s typically oval in form is used for regular character speech in each manga and comedian books. The “tail” of the bubble ought to typically level in direction of the speaker, significantly in direction of their mouth or the world that’s producing the sound.

2 – Vertical Bubble

Manga vertical speech bubble

Vertical bubbles can be utilized when there’s not sufficient horizontal area. Whereas the instance is of a standard speech bubble the “vertical” choice might be utilized to just about another bubble kind listed on this tutorial.

3 – Multi-Bubble

Manga break up speech bubble

A majority of these bubbles are used when speech is damaged up into two components. Simply because the vertical choice this will also be utilized to most different sorts of bubbles on this tutorial.

An instance of such speech can both be something with a pause. For instance a personality being shy or not sure of what they’re saying.

4 – Inwards Pointing “Tail” Bubble

Manga off panel character speech bubble

Such a bubble is used for the speech of characters that aren’t proven within the present manga panel. Identical to the common tail the inverted tail ought to nonetheless level within the common path the place the character is positioned.

For instance if a manga panel has a personality with somebody speaking to them from the fitting aspect of the panel the inverted tail ought to level to the fitting.

5 – Jagged Edges Bubble

Manga yelling bubble

Such a bubble is mostly used to point out screaming or yelling. The “explosion like” look helps to visually reinforce the concept of it being loud.

6 – Wavy Bubble

Manga weak speech bubble

A wavy wanting bubble is typically used to point out weak or fading speech. An instance of this could be a character who’s exhausted or about to faint.

It’s wavy tail in addition to outlining form each assist ship a visible message of instability.

7 – Dashed Line Bubble

Manga whispering bubble

A dashed bubble can be utilized to point whispering. Although this can be extra so for comedian books than manga.

8 – “Blast” Bubble

Manga announcement bubble

Such a bubble is often used for bulletins. These might be issues like radio, tv, loud audio system, and so on…


9 – No “Tail” Bubble

Manga pondering bubble

This easy bubble is often used to point out a personality’s ideas. It’s primary form and lack of a “tail” assist present that this isn’t a sound.

10 –  Cloud Like Bubble

Manga daydreaming bubble

A “cloud wanting” bubble is much like the earlier instance however tends for use for completely satisfied ideas or daydreaming.

11 – Rectangular Bubble

Manga narrator bubble

Rectangular bubbles with no tail are sometimes used for caption or narration similar to phrases that may describe a given scenario however wouldn’t be attributed to a personality. For instance:

“After two weeks of journey the celebration approached the fort.”

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12 – Inverted Bubble

Manga adverse feelings bubble

It is a considerably uncommon choice that may typically be used to convey adverse although and feelings. A tail model of this bubble will also be used for speech.


This tutorial gives a great primary breakdown of among the mostly used kinds of speech bubbles although completely different manga and comedian guide artist can typically use barely completely different kinds.

In case you are fascinated by making your personal manga or comedian guide it’s a good suggestion to choose one set of kinds and follow them all through the complete story.

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