How To Decrease GPU Temperature – Easy Information

Are you tearing your hair out as a result of your GPU gained’t keep cool?

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We’ve acquired you lined with our easy information to decreasing GPU temperatures.

Clear The Fan & Heatsink Of Mud

Mud is a GPU’s worst enemy because it creates a movie on the floor that stops warmth from dissipating naturally. Over time, mud will inevitably construct up, and there’s not a lot you are able to do about this besides periodic cleansing periods. Doing so is palms down the one handiest approach to decrease GPU temperatures.

Arm your self with a can of compressed air and go to city on the GPU, particularly the followers and heatsink, paying consideration to not blow too near the small parts darted throughout the circuit board.

We advocate eradicating the GPU from the PC first, then disconnecting the fan/heatsink. Do the cleansing outdoors to keep away from contaminating the air within the PC room with mud particles that may invariably discover their manner again into the machine sooner or later.

Because of the design of the metallic indents making up nearly all of heatsinks, clearing them of caked-on mud build-up is an arduous process that even just a few dozen intense bursts of compressed air gained’t clear away completely.

We, subsequently, advocate the next approach:

  1. Take away your GPU from its PCI-E slot.
  2. Disassemble the fan and heatsink.
  3. Take the heatsink and bathe it in an answer made up of water, an excellent sprint of vinegar, and lemon juice.
  4. Let it sit for an hour or two.
  5. Take away the heatsink from the liquid and tab it with a dry towel to take away as a lot moisture as doable.
  6. Let it air dry till it’s bone dry. If unsure, let it sit for a least 24 hours.
  7. Match the heatsink again onto the GPU together with the fan and join it again to the motherboard.

Enhance Air Stream In The PC Case

A GPU is liable to doing its utmost to stay cool, pushing the followers to restrict, however failing miserably as a result of the air within the case itself is just too sizzling resulting from restricted airflow.

Treatments to this embrace mounting further case followers, ideally in proximity to the GPU, corresponding to on the highest of the case. Usually, first-timer DIY builds undergo from disoriented followers. Guarantee teams of followers both attract chilly air or eject sizzling air to create an outlined movement path.

Moreover, correct cable administration is a robust solution to permit air to movement unrestricted.

Tweak Fan Speeds

With GPU overclocking software program corresponding to MSI Afterburner, you employ enter fan management utilities to regulate the fan pace. For instance, you may set it to up the fan pace when the GPU core reaches a selected temperature.

By doing so, you may make sure the fan is operating at 100% of its capabilities throughout crucial moments, subsequently considerably decreasing the GPU temperature.

Revert To Non-Overclocked Settings

Overclocking is probably the most particular solution to increase GPU temperatures. If excessive temperatures have come about after tinkering with clock speeds and voltages, then reverting to the pre-overclocking parameters ought to decrease temperatures to inside acceptable limits.


One other software-side trick to decrease GPU temperatures is to ensure your GPU drivers are updated. The reason is is that GPU producers are regularly fine-tuning the firmware processes and algorithms that dictate how the cardboard behaves.

These enhancements usually equate to extra environment friendly, much less power-hungry efficiency, thus creating warmth era. The modifications could also be tiny, however together with the opposite steps in our information can add as much as fairly the distinction.

Decrease In-Sport Graphical Settings

If all else fails, give your GPU a break and decrease the graphical settings of the video games you play. Usually, decreasing texture ranges from extremely right down to medium or stepping the anti-aliasing settings down a notch can considerably reduce the burden on the machine, and decrease temperatures.

Exchange The Thermal Paste

Over time, thermal paste naturally degrades as excessive temperatures burn it away, and a time will come when a brand new lick of a high-grade compound is what the physician will order.

The method isn’t for the uninitiated, although. It’s advisable to entrust this process to an authorized technician down on the native PC ironmongery store or to name within the assist of an skilled buddy in the event you haven’t an inkling of methods to go about it your self.

Exchange Heatsink/Fan Setup & Contemplate Investing In Water Cooling

Ought to all else fail, it could be time to spend just a little money to iron out the difficulty. Inventory heatsink/fan items aren’t essentially the most effective and investing in a purpose-designed aftermarket various from a good producer corresponding to Cooler Grasp, NZXT, and Corsair can pay dividends instantly.

Alternatively, going all out for a water cooling system and GPU water block will sound the demise knell for unwieldy GPU temperatures. The tactic is the one handiest cooling system round, however it does come at a value.

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