The right way to convert a Sims 2 object to Sims 4

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This tutorial is supposed for individuals who have made meshes for Sims 2 or who’ve permission to convert a Sims 2 mesh from somebody who created it.  If you wish to convert another person’s merchandise ASK FIRST!

If it is not your mesh or you do not have permission from the creator who made it then do not ask about it right here.  I need nothing to do with individuals who take the laborious work of others in opposition to their will. 

I needed to take this tutorial down as soon as.  If I begin seeing the identical rash of stuff being transformed with out permission I am going to should take it down once more.  Please folks do not make me remorse this…do the proper factor!

This tutorial will present you the way to convert a Sims 2 object to Sims 4. It assumes you understand how to make use of a 2D editor to create a texture for an object and it assumes you understand how to make use of Sims 4 Studio to make an object recolor. The merchandise used for this tutorial is a Sims 2 object that had two separate meshes every with its personal texture picture in order that it was mix-matchable in Sims 2.  The Sims 4 merchandise I cloned has just one mesh group with one texture picture within the recreation.  The directions on this tutorial could be adjusted to work with different combos of objects and, you probably have questions on the way to adapt a specific Sims 2 merchandise to Sims 4 ask them on this thread or start a brand new thread on the subject within the Creator Assist part

What you have to

Sims 4 Studio 2.4 (Love sequence) or above


Blender 2.70

A 2D editor


1. Open the Sims 2 merchandise you want to convert in SimPe.  Click on on the Geometric Information Container (GMDC) line.

2. Click on on the Title within the Useful resource Checklist.

3. Click on the Export button.  If the merchandise has two separate meshes be certain that there’s a checkmark in each packing containers as proven beneath.

4. Click on on the Texture Picture (TXTR) line. 

5. Click on every line within the Title field of the ResourceList till you discover the road that exhibits the right texture for the mesh. 

6. Click on the Export button.  Repeat step 4-6 if the merchandise has two texture pictures as the instance merchandise does.

7. Shut SimPe and open Sims 4 Studio.  Enter your creator title if you have not carried out so.  Select Create 3D mesh beneath the Object button.

8. Click on the Object button.

9. Use the search bar or simply browse the thing catalog till you discover the merchandise you want to clone.  The very best merchandise to clone is the one which is most just like the one you want to create.  As soon as you’ve got discovered the merchandise click on on it.

10. Click on the Subsequent button.  A popup field will seem that permits you to title and save your .package deal to your undertaking folder.  Then you will note your object seem within the mannequin viewer on the mannequin viewer web page.

11. Enter a reputation, description, and value to your object.

12. Click on the Mesh tab.

13. LOD 0 (Excessive) is chosen by default.  That is the prime quality mesh that individuals will see when zoomed near your merchandise within the recreation.  With that chosen click on the Export Mesh button beneath it.  A popup field will seem that permits you to title and save your .mix to your undertaking folder.

14. Upon getting saved the .mix open it up in Blender by double left mouse clicking on it.  Click on the phrase View within the bar that runs beneath the 3D viewport.  Choose Align View after which View Lock To Energetic.  It will make it in order that while you rotate across the mannequin the mannequin will keep within the middle of your display screen.

15. Proper mouse click on the sq. airplane that sits beneath the EA object mesh.  That is the thing’s shadow mesh.

16. Over to the proper you will note a s4studio_mesh title flip white indicating it’s chosen.  In all of the objects I’ve checked out that is mesh_0 however your merchandise could range.

17. Click on the Scene button.

18. Word the Reduce quantity displayed within the S4Studio CAS Instruments menu.  Your object’s shadow should have the identical Reduce quantity with a purpose to operate correctly within the recreation.  No matter mesh you give this lower quantity to will likely be assigned by the sport to be mapped on the EA blob sheet (extra on this later).

19. Proper click on on EA’s mesh.

20. You will notice that mesh title flip white on the checklist indicating it’s chosen.

21. Word the merchandise’s lower quantity.  The mesh you give this lower quantity to will substitute EA’s important mesh and will show the diffuse picture within the recreation.

22. Within the higher left nook click on File.  Select Import after which choose Wavefront (.obj).  Navigate to the place you saved the mesh that you simply exported from SimPe and import it.  If there have been two meshes within the unique .package deal, as there have been within the one used for this tutorial, import them each. 

23. Click on the g key in your keyboard to seize the mesh(es).  Clicking g permits you to seize the mesh(es) which is Blender’s phrase for shifting a mesh.  Instantly click on the y key to constrain movement to the Y axis.  Transfer your meshes ahead just a little so that they sit instantly on prime of the EA mesh.

24. In case your unique merchandise has two separate meshes proper mouse click on one in every of them.  Look over on the proper and you will note its mesh title is white indicating it’s chosen.  Click on the small inverted triangle beneath that and scroll till you see the UV Maps menu.  Your mesh ought to have the phrases UVMap on the checklist in that menu.  Repeat to your different mesh.  It too ought to have the phrases UV Maps within the menu.  As a result of the names of each mesh’s UV map are the identical while you be a part of them right into a single mesh, as you have to to do to switch the only EA mesh, they are going to share a single UV map.  That is what is needed as a result of the EA merchandise you are changing has just one map.

25. With one in every of your two meshes chosen click on the Tab key in your keyboard to enter Edit Mode.  Your mesh ought to flip strong orange with strains exhibiting the perimeters and vertices.  If it doesn’t flip orange click on the a key in your keyboard to pick out all its vertices so that they flip orange.  You will notice the map for the merchandise present up on the left aspect within the UV/Picture editor window.

26. Put your mouse over the map and click on the a key, to pick out all, after which click on the g key to seize the vertices of your map.  Slide your mouse to maneuver the vertices off of the central map grid as proven.

27. Put your mouse again within the 3D view window and click on the Tab key to return to Object Mode.

28. The mesh you had chosen will nonetheless be chosen.  Click on the Shift key in your keyboard and proper mouse click on the opposite of your two meshes you probably have two.  By holding the Shift key as you choose the second mesh it is possible for you to to pick out each of those meshes on the similar time.

29. Maintain down the Ctrl key in your keyboard whereas click on the j key.  It will provoke Blender’s join function and put each meshes into the identical mesh group.  Word that whichever mesh was clicked second is the mesh whose title is retained and that, as a result of the UV map of each meshes had the identical title, they’re each on the identical UV map now.

30. Click on Tab to enter Edit Mode.  Each maps will now present on the left aspect.  Since you moved one it won’t be on the map grid.  The opposite will likely be on the map grid.

31. There’s a bar beneath the UV/Picture editor view field.  Click on on the phrase Picture there and choose New Picture from the menu.  Enter the width and peak you need to your object’s map.  On this case the unique EA merchandise had a map that’s 256 x 512 so that is what I entered into the packing containers for width and peak.

32.  My unique merchandise was mapped onto a sq. map so altering the proportions to an oblong map distorted my object’s map and elongated it.  This may be mounted by scaling it in order that it turns into sq. once more.  If this occurs to your merchandise click on s to provoke Blender’s scaling operate. 

33. Click on the y key to constrain scaling to the up and down path after which click on .5 to scale the map by 1/2.  In case your map obtained stretched within the x axis you are able to do the identical factor however click on x as an alternative of y.

34. Now that one of many meshes has been corrected for the brand new map proportions click on the a key in your keyboard to deselect it.  Put your mouse over the opposite a part of the map and click on the l key in your keyboard to pick out it (see the notes beneath for the way to choose vertices when mapping if the l-select is not working to your set-up).  Once more use Blender’s scaling function, simply as you probably did on the opposite one, and proper the distorted proportions.

35. With that also chosen click on g to seize its vertices and y to constrain it to the up and down path.  Slide it up in order that it sits within the prime half of the map area.

36. Use the l key once more to pick out the opposite a part of your object’s map. 

37. Click on g to seize it and transfer it so it sits within the backside a part of the map area.

38. Click on UV’s within the bar beneath the UV/Picture editor view window.  Choose Export UV Structure.  Enter a reputation to your UV Structure .png and put it aside.  You should utilize this as a template for making the pictures you’ll want to substitute EA’s diffuse, bump, and specular pictures with.

39. Click on Tab to return to Object Mode.

40. Proper mouse click on on EA’s mesh.


41. Click on the x key in your keyboard and delete EA’s mesh.

42. Together with your mesh chosen enter the right lower quantity for the principle mesh.  On this case the lower quantity is 1.

43. Proper mouse click on the EA shadow airplane to pick out it.

44. Click on Tab to enter Edit Mode.

45. Click on the a key in your keyboard to pick out the entire vertices of EA’s shadow airplane.

46. On the left aspect you will note the map for EA’s shadow mesh within the UV/Picture editor view port window.  Click on the small sq. indicated beneath to get a pop up checklist of the pictures Blender has obtainable to assign to this map.  As soon as of these will likely be referred to as Diffuse and it’ll appear to be a white sq. with darkish blobs on it.  That is EA’s blob sheet and it’s what EA makes use of for the shadow airplane for objects within the recreation.  That is what gives the small floor shadow on the base of objects that go on the ground or a floor.  It additionally gives the wall shadow for gadgets which can be positioned on partitions.  Choose the white sq. with darkish blobs on it from the pop up checklist.

You will notice the “blob sheet” seem beneath the shadow airplane’s map within the UV/Picture Editor view window.

The shadow created by the small darkish blob beneath the map will seem on the shadow airplane mesh within the 3D view field.  You may transfer that round and alter its dimensions in order that it matches you object higher.  You may duplicate it, as I’ve on this instance, should you want separate shadows for separate gadgets like these two pillows.  You may transfer the map itself round on the blob sheet should you desire to make use of a special blob.  The blobs themselves come in numerous shapes and intensities to suit many sorts of objects.

47. As soon as the shadow is adjusted to your satisfaction click on File within the higher left nook and select Save As.  Title the .mix one thing like MyMesh_LOD_0 to maintain observe of which this one is and put it aside.

48. Again in Sims 4 Studio click on the Import Mesh button.  Use the pop up field to navigate to the place you simply saved your .mix and import it.  You will notice it pop up within the mannequin viewer on the left.

49. Click on the Texture tab.

50. Import the feel picture you’ve got made to go together with this mesh.  On this case, as a result of my unique mesh had two pictures and the merchandise I am changing has just one, I needed to make a brand new texture picture that merged each of the earlier textures from Sims 2 onto a single picture.  I used the .png I exported from Blender as a template to facilitate this.  Change your swatch thumbnails to match the merchandise’s new texture as common.

51. Return to Blender and proper click on the shadow mesh to pick out it.  Click on the x key in your keyboard and delete it.

Via @:

52. An EA shadow LOD has just one mesh and the lower quantity is thus 0.  Change your mesh’s lower quantity from 1 to 0 in order that while you import this as a shadow LOD it should overwrite EA’s shadow LOD.  Should you do not change the lower quantity Studio won’t know you are attempting to switch that shadow LOD and it’ll ignore the import.  As soon as the lower quantity is modified click on File and Save As.  This time title the .mix one thing like ShadowMesh_high to tell apart it from the principle mesh .mix you saved beforehand.

53.  Again in Studio return to the Mesh tab.  Choose Shadow LOD 0(Excessive) from the drop down checklist of meshes within the .package deal.  Click on the Import Mesh button and navigate to the place you simply saved your shadowmesh.mix.

54. Now change to the medium LOD and substitute that together with your .mix.  In case your mesh is low poly to start with you possibly can simply use the identical mesh you used for the excessive LOD.  If it has too many polys so that you can wish to do that you would be able to decrease the poly depend of the principle mesh earlier than saving it as a brand new .mix.  I will likely be posting a second tutorial that exhibits the way to accomplish this utilizing Blender.  Repeat for the bottom LOD in case your object has greater than 2 LODs for the principle mesh.  Then take away the shadow from these meshes, change the lower numbers to 0, and import these to overwrite the shadow mesh decrease LODs too.  Save the .package deal.

Further Illustrations for Step 54:

Return to the Meshes Tab and choose LOD 1 (Medium).  Word that there’s a lot of variability between EA’s object meshes so some objects do not need a medium LOD.  If the merchandise you cloned does not have a medium or low LOD don’t fret about it.  The medium LOD is the mesh that will likely be seen when the participant zooms out from the thing within the recreation.  The low LOD, if the merchandise has one, is the mesh that’s seen when zoomed very distant from the thing within the recreation. 

Export the medium LOD mesh and open it in Blender.  You’ll discover that, because you modified the feel picture, your new texture is exhibiting up on EA’s mesh.  That is regular.  Analyzing the mesh teams and lower numbers reveals that the medium LOD for this merchandise has the identical group because the excessive LOD did.  That’s, the airplane beneath the books, which is the drop shadow airplane, is mesh group 0 and has a lower variety of 0 whereas the books are mesh group 1 and have a lower variety of 1.  Which means you should use the very same .mix to switch this that you simply used to switch the excessive LOD and you should use it as-is and not using a want to vary the lower quantity.  In case your excessive LOD mesh has a excessive poly depend you possibly can decrease that utilizing a decimate modifier.  That’s mentioned in a separate tutorial.  My pillows object is comparatively low poly so, for this tutorial, I will simply use it as-is. 

As a result of my plan is to simply reuse the .mix I made for the excessive LOD I return to Studio and click on Import Mesh.  Then navigate to the place I saved the excessive LOD .mix and import it.

When the import is full the brand new mesh exhibits up within the mannequin viewer.  This time, since you already imported your new texture, it exhibits up trying proper.

Repeat this for the LOD 2 (Low) in case your merchandise has one.  If it does not have one don’t fret about that…not all EA objects do.

You’ll recall that in Step 53 you changed the excessive LOD shadow mesh together with your new shadow mesh.  The shadow meshes appear to be this and have solely a single group with a lower variety of 0:

You made the excessive LOD shadow mesh by eradicating the shadow airplane out of your excessive LOD mesh (you possibly can proper click on on its title and choose delete to take away it):

Then you definately modified the lower variety of the remaining group to 0 so it might match EA’s shadow mesh lower quantity.

This step must be repeated for the medium and low LOD shadow meshes if the .package deal has them.  Within the case of this tutorial merchandise it has each.  Since I used the identical mesh to switch all three LODs I can use the identical mesh to switch all three shadow LODs.  Once more, if the LODs themselves have a excessive poly depend you’ll want to decimate the mesh earlier than utilizing it to overwrite the shadow LODs in order that the merchandise’s complete poly depend is not too excessive.  As soon as you’ve got changed all the unique meshes together with your meshes click on Save and examine your merchandise within the recreation.

Within the recreation you will note your new mesh together with your texture on it.  If it is a floor merchandise, as this one is, additionally, you will see the faint shadow at its base which is the results of the shadow airplane you labored with in Blender.  Within the image beneath this shadow is indicated by the blue arrow.  Word how the shadow there matches the thing and is completely different than the shadow form of the unique EA merchandise’s shadow (indicated by the white arrow).  The change in form is because of adjustments I made to the shadow airplane in Blender.

You probably have questions on this tutorial please publish them on this thread.  Changing issues from one recreation to a different isn’t a job that may be simply summed up by a single tutorial as a result of tasks will range relying on what’s being transformed and what clone is getting used as the bottom to introduce it to the brand new recreation.  In case your undertaking varies from this one please present particulars in your unique merchandise and the merchandise you will have cloned in your publish about it

Further Notes:

The right way to choose vertices when mapping with Blender

The tutorial exhibits the way to use the l choose function to select vertices which can be a part of a single face.  There are further methods to pick out vertices when mapping.  Listed here are strategies you should use for given situations.

1. You have got used the l choose function however solely a number of the vertices are getting chosen:

l choose the primary set of vertices.  Put your mouse over the opposite vertices you wish to choose, maintain down the Shift key, and click on the l key.  Repeat as wanted.

2. You wish to choose all of the vertices of the mesh group:

Put your mouse anyplace over the vertices and click on the a key.  If this does not choose all of the vertices click on the a key once more:

3. You wish to choose two faces directly however they share a place on the map:

L choice will solely choose the highest face.  Use field seize as an alternative.  Click on the b key and draw a field across the faces to pick out all vertices surrounded by the field whether or not they’re on prime or not.

4. You should solely choose some vertices however not all of the vertices of a face:

You may proper click on on the vertex to pick out it.  If you wish to choose multiple maintain the Shift key down whereas proper mouse clicking the vertices you’ll want to choose.  You probably have two faces mapped in the identical place and want to pick out the vertices of each you possibly can field choose them and Shift field choose them:

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