The right way to Join Further Followers To Motherboard?

Motherboards have a restricted variety of fan headers. Typically the variety of fan headers is method decrease than the quantity of CPU followers you’ve got in your case. So, precisely, how one can join additional followers to motherboard?

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If you wish to add additional followers to your motherboard, you will get a Y splitter that enables for a number of followers to be linked to a single fan header or go for a Fan Hub that requires a separate energy provide. Be warned, nonetheless, that the majority headers are restricted by way of how a lot energy they will provide. A fan header usually has a 1 amp score.

When utilizing a Y splitter two CPU followers is usually okay for a single fan header. Three CPU followers can begin to push the restrict of the ability a single fan header can provide.

It’s fairly vital to test the followers’ amperage since it is going to be the figuring out issue on what number of followers you’ll be able to really run off the motherboard and the splitter.

As an example, you’ll be able to solely run two 0.5A followers whereas 4 0.25A followers wouldn’t be a problem in case your fan header is definitely rated at 1 Amp.

A workaround for greater amps CPU followers could be to get a PC fan hub that may draw energy immediately from the ability provide unit (PSU) and thereby, lifting the amperage restrictions of the motherboard fan headers.

Within the following textual content we’ll discover this matter additional.

What’s a FAN Header?

Fairly merely, Fan Headers are terminals discovered in your motherboard the place you plug your many PC cooling followers. They function and supply monitoring functionality for the followers of your PC.

Varieties of Fan Headers

There are three forms of Fan Headers that you will discover on the motherboard:

  1. CPU Fan Header: For connecting the CPU Fan to.
  2. System Fan Header: For connecting PC/Case Followers (vital for the aim of this text).
  3. Energy Fan Header: Used for monitoring the Fan of the Energy Provide Unit. Your PSU must have the monitoring cable for this header to work.

The System Fan Header is the ONLY kind of header that’s best for case followers, splitters and PC fan hubs.

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Can You Use CPU Fan Header and Energy Fan Header for Case Followers?

Sure, you should utilize the CPU Fan Header by splitting it in case you are significantly quick on adequate System Fan Headers.

You too can use the Energy Fan Header, however this header doesn’t present any voltage management. The followers linked to this header will run at full 100% capability on a regular basis.

3 Pin vs 4 Pin System Fan Headers

Most fashionable motherboards supply 4 pin system headers.

The distinction between a 4 pin and three pin system header is that the former helps PWM Case Followers, whereas, because the latter solely helps DC Case FANs.

3 Pin System Header – For DC Followers
4 Pin System Header – For DC AND PWM Followers

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Figuring out the Variety of Fan Headers Your Motherboard Has

You will discover out the variety of Fan headers and their kind by taking a look at your motherboard bodily or by studying the guide:

Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3 Fan Header Specs

The motherboard above solely has two System Fan Headers. Due to this fact, when you have greater than 2 case followers that that you must set up, then you’ll actually want a splitter.

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Realizing the Distinction Between DC and PWM Followers

There are two forms of PC followers which you can purchase:

  1. DC Followers
  2. PWM Followers

DC followers have 3 pins. These have inferior velocity management. Typically low powered CPU followers are DC followers.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) followers use 4 pins. They’ve a greater velocity management and are nice for minimizing noise.

Whereas there’s a record of facets differentiating the 2, the details to recollect between DC and PWM followers for the aim of this text is that former requires 3 pin header, whereas, the latter requires a 4 pin header.

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The right way to Join Further Followers to Motherboard?

There are two principal methods to attach additional followers to your motherboard:

  1. Utilizing a Y Fan Header Splitter
  2. Utilizing a PC Fan Hub

1. Utilizing a Y Fan Header Splitter

A Y fan header splitter is the simplest strategy to join a number of followers to a single fan header in your motherboard.

A fan header splitter is the only and the most cost effective strategy to join extra followers to your motherboard header. The variety of followers that may be linked by way of a splitter is contingent on the amperage of the followers in addition to that of the motherboard header. A motherboard fan header is normally rated at 1 Ampere.

For security and efficiency bottleneck causes, it is best to NOT attain the 1 Ampere mark when including up the score of your whole followers connecting to a single fan header.

So as an illustration when you have 2 x 0.4A followers linked to a 2-way splitter, you should not have any points. Nonetheless, when you have 3 x 0.4A followers linked to a single motherboard fan header, then that’s NOT best. It’s the truth is a security concern.

Establishing the Fan Header Splitter

The setup could be very straight ahead. The splitter’s feminine finish goes into the fan header on the motherboard. The male ends of the splitter are the place the case followers get linked to.


Splitter costs differ on the Y splitter configuration (2-way, 3-way, 4-way and so forth). For sure, the pricing scales with the variety of cut up ends. However typically they’re tremendous low cost.

Courtesy: TeamProfitcom

All splitters are designed to hook up with each 4 pin PWM and three pin DC followers.

Management on Splitters – NOT Individually Managed

Splitters typically have a single velocity management solely. In different phrases, the velocity on one Grasp Fan will dictate the velocity of the remainder of the linked PC followers.

You can not set the velocity of every fan individually. The motherboards sees all of the followers linked to the splitter as a single entity.

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2. Utilizing a PC Fan Hub – For a Large Variety of FANs

Chassis Fan Hub

One other strategy to join a number of followers to your motherboard WITHOUT having to fret about energy draw difficulty is to make use of a PC Fan Hub.

The sweetness about PC Fan Hubs is that they aren’t restricted to the 1 Ampere score of the motherboard fan headers. They draw energy DIRECTLY from the Energy Provide Unit utilizing the 15 pin SATA energy cables.

A SATA energy cable

As such, you’ll be able to set up a number of excessive powered followers with out having to fret about overloading the motherboard fan header.

Establishing the Fan Hub

Establishing the Fan Hub can also be fairly straight ahead. It requires one SATA energy connection from the PSU and one 3 or 4 pin connection from the motherboard header to the Fan hub.

The feminine finish of the Fan Hub connects to the motherboard which then branches into a number of male headers so that you can join Followers to.

A Fan Hub can usually join upto 10 followers each 3 and 4 pin PWM or DC followers.

The PC Fan Hubs are virtually as low cost because the fan splitters we noticed above. Nonetheless, they do require an additional energy provide connection. Due to this fact ensure you have a spare SATA connector.

Costlier choices include baked-in RGB controller, which RGB fanatics may very well think about.

You possibly can place the Fan Hubs contained in the case. Most include adhesive tape or magnet that can be utilized to connect these to the case.

Management on Fan Hubs – NOT Individually Managed

Just like the Y fan header splitters we noticed above, the followers linked to the Fan Hubs are additionally NOT individually managed.

Grasp Header in Crimson. The remainder of the followers will sync to the settings of the Fan linked to the grasp header.

Primarily, one Fan linked to the grasp header units the velocity for the remainder of the followers.

Molex Model of the Fan Hub

In case in case you are utilizing old-fashioned Energy Provide Unit with Molex connectors as an alternative of SATA connector, you will get a Molex Fan Hub:

Molex Fan Hub

Fan Hub With Addressable RGB

In case you are a fan of RGB and when you have an Addressable RGB header in your motherboard, then you will discover a 2-in-1 Fan+ARGB Hub as properly.

Addressable RGB principally signifies that the colour of the LED on the followers might be managed.

Once more, you do have to have an Addressable RGB header for this hub to work. Primarily, with this header, you’ll be able to have upto 6 PC followers linked with the flexibility to vary their colour.

The colours can’t be modified individually for every fan, although.

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So far as how one can join additional followers to motherboard goes, there are two primary ways in which we coated above.

If this doesn’t swimsuit you, then there’s a third method so as to add followers to your PC however that doesn’t contain your motherboard. Primarily, you should utilize 3 pin to Molex adapters that may join on to the Energy Provide Unit bypassing the motherboard.

Nonetheless, this technique offers you no management over the followers and doesn’t offer you any monitoring functionality.

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