A Quick Guide to Getting Olive Oil out of your Hair

get olive oil out of hair

If you’re someone who enjoys using natural products in your hair rather than store bought chemicals, then at some point you’re probably going to need to figure out how to get olive oil out of your hair. Olive oil is definitely useful but it has several other properties that you aren’t going to enjoy. For example, it’s very heavy and very greasy. In fact, you might find yourself a bit turned off from using this natural solution, especially if you still want to be able to use a professional ceramic flat iron in your hair. Don’t worry, it just takes a little bit of extra effort to make sure that your hair is in good condition.

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Rinse and Condition your Hair – It’s More Important than You Think

The first step that we’re going to give you when it comes to removing olive oil from your hair is not only very simple but will actually save you quite a bit of money. You don’t even need to spend a ton of money: you just need to use regular shampoo. You will want to use both your normal shampoo and conditioner, applying it to your scalp and rubbing it in gently. Then, you can proceed to rinse it out with warm water. As you do this, you will simply want to reapply it repeat the process until the oil is completely washed from your hair. Keep in mind that depending on the amount of buildup that you are dealing with, it might take several tries for you to get it all out of your hair, so be prepared for that.

Go with a Clarifying Shampoo

The best way for you to cleanse your hair will be with a clarifying shampoo as these are designed to not only clean your hair but to remove any buildup. When we say build up, there are a number of different things that we are referring to which may include:

  • Wax
  • Gel
  • Hairspray
  • Chlorine
  • And of course, olive oil hair mask

To use a clarifying shampoo, all you need to do is put some in the palms of your hands and apply it gently to your hair. Then, all you need is to rinse it out with warm water. It’s that simple.

Baking Soda Paste

We have mentioned baking soda paste in previous blogs, but for this one, you simply need to mix baking soda and water until you make a paste. Then, you simply need to work the paste into your roots and work it to the top until the entirety of your hair is coated. You will need to allow the paste to sit in your hair for about fifteen minutes, so cover it up with a towel or a shower cap to prevent any outside problems. Then, once it has sat for a bit, rinse it off in the shower.

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Consider Dishwasher Detergent

The last method that we want to cover is the dishwasher detergent one. In this, you will simply apply a small amount of detergent (dishwasher detergent, that is) to your damp hair. Detergents tend to work better than most other solutions simply because they are designed to strip through dirt and debris. Just remember that detergent can strip the hair of the natural oils it needs, making it very dangerous if you do not immediately add the nutrition back into your hair. Just remember to do so before you use a hair straightener again!

After using olive oil, getting your hair back in shape can be a serious challenge but it’s definitely not impossible. Now would be a great time to start planning a hair rejuvenation regimen, and making sure that your hair can stand up to it every single time. Natural ingredients are great for hair if you use them correctly and know how to take care of any problems that arise.

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