23 Dope Ways to Wear a Feed in Braids Ponytail

feed in pony tail

One of the most popular hairstyles for women is a braided ponytail. A ponytail is easy to wear, always looks stylish, is low maintenance and these updos can be glammed up or down to suit any occasion. We love ponytails because there are so many ways to style them. To give you some hair inspiration, we have found 23 dope feed in braids ponytail ideas. There are simple ponytails, bold hairstyles and more. After reading this, the ponytail will become the style that you want to wear everyday. So, what are you waiting for?! Take a look and find your favorite.

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1. Long Feed in Braids Ponytail

The first ponytail that we have to show you is long, stylish and it has ombre color. For this look, the hair is dark and then changes into a light brown shade. The color combination is stunning and the change of tones looks beautiful in the ponytail style. Recreate this or you can choose any color for the ombre.

2. Bold Ponytail with Vibrant Colors

If you would prefer a bolder hairstyle, then this is perfect for you. This ponytail has a trendy braided pattern and the braids are different thicknesses. There are also loose side braids. What we really love about this style is the vibrant orange and yellow colors that are weaved into the braids. The colors really make a statement and wow. This style would be perfect for the summer.

3. Chunky Feed In Braid Ponytail

Next, we have a super stylish feed in braid ponytail. This style features a few chunky braids that meet to create a low ponytail. The hair in the ponytail is styled into a single braid. This is such a neat and sleek style that is easy to wear. Hair like this great for those who like simpler braided looks.

4. Braided Ponytail with Loose Curls

This next hairstyle is one of our favorites, we love this so much! So, for this look, the hair is styled into a high ponytail. The hair on the head is beautifully braided and the hair for the actual ponytail is left loose and curly. There are also braids on the base of the ponytail and mixed in with the loose hair too. What we think is amazing is the color! This warm coppery shade just looks stunning. Hair like this will wow for any occasion.

5. Blonde Braided Ponytail

Another beautiful hair color that you can try is blonde and here is a trendy way to wear it. This braided ponytail features small black braids and chunky blonde braids. As you can see, the bright blonde color really makes a statement. This is another gorgeous style that would be great for the summer. You can recreate this or try a different shade of blonde.

6. Small Braids Ponytail

The next ponytail looks effortlessly stunning. Here we have a high ponytail with small feed in braids. The braided pattern is simple and very stylish. This ponytail looks extra glam because of the length of the braids. It is just a gorgeous hairstyle that will suit anyone. You can, of course, try a similar ponytail with shorter braids in any color of your choice.

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7. Thin Braids Ponytail

There are different ways to wear your ponytail. A trendy style than you can try is a ponytail with a side part. You could try a ponytail like the one below. This one features super thin feed in braids that are styled into a low ponytail and as you can see, there is a side part too. It is a chic hair idea that will glam up your look for any occasion.

8. Edgy Braided Look

Show the world that you are a fierce and stylish woman with a ponytail like this one. This ponytail is edgy. The hair on the head is braided into a stylish pattern and the actual ponytail itself is long. This style is finished off with a gold accessory. We love the gold accessory because it gives the hair a luxury and glam look. Wear a ponytail like this with a leather outfit like featured to really wow.

9. Trendy Braided Ponytail with Cords and Beads

Next, we have a unique and bright ponytail to show you. Different braided patterns have been used on the head. There are intricate designs, simple braids and loose side braids too. One of the braids in the ponytail is decorated with colorful cords. It is a fun and stylish look and you can recreate this or use different colored cords and beads to suit your personal taste.

10. Stylish Long Ombre Ponytail

If you love the ombre hairstyles, then you need to check out this next idea. Here we have another long and braided ponytail. The hair on the head has a trendy pattern and the hair is black and then blends to blonde. We love the blonde color because it is light and there is warm tone too. This is another gorgeous ponytail that would be great for the summer season.

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