How To Style Your Short Hair With A Scrunchie

cute scrunchie hairstyles for short hair

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HEY HEY, B&A FAM! I have been rocking the newest trend in hair lately: scrunchies. If you search scrunchie styles on Pinterest – thousands of amazing images pop up showing the CUTEST top knots, long fishtail braids and more all styled with this hair accessory. But there just isn’t a ton for hair that is collar bone length and above – so I took that as a sign that I should share exactly how I have been styling this style myself. Let’s dive into this.

How To Style Your Short Hair With A Scrunchie

STYLE ONE: The half-up bun (or pony)

I loooooove this style because I am obsessed with half up half down styles with my shorter hair. I am growing my hair out a little bit, but while I’m in this lob-length, half up half down is the perfect way to have cute top knots and pony tails without trying to pin up all my shorter pieces. 

It’s super easy to accomplish: 

  1. Pull half hair up into a bun or pony with a clear elastic.
  2. Wrap the clear elastic with your scrunchie.

It is the perfect way to easily rock this scrunchie style.

STYLE TWO: The low pony

This style is fun because it’s kind of coming back from being an early 2000s style. I used to ALWAYS wear my hair in a low pony – but it was definitely more George Washington-esque vs sleek and undone. Lol. Nowadays, this is the perfect second day hair style.

Get the look:

  1. Wave hair or refresh curls and spray with a texturizing spray.
  2. Pull hair into a low pony at the nape of the neck with a clear elastic.
  3. Wrap the clear elastic with your scrunchie.

Alternatively, this look is SUPER cute if your hair is just long enough to do a messy bun at the nape of your neck as well. My hair isn’t QUITE long enough for that yet – but you better believe that as soon as my hairs are long enough, I’m rocking the low messy bun look, too.


STYLE THREE: High pony tail extensions

Ok. So technically this doesn’t always work with short hair – unless you have beautifully thick hair and it’s just below your collar bone. I was NOT blessed with thick strands of hair – so my high pony tails fall a little flat. This is where pony extensitions come in! I love these because you literally just wrap them around your pony. SO easy.

Style this easy look:

  1. Take second or third day hair and tease at the base to add volume.
  2. Pull hair high up to the crown of your head and secure with a clear elastic.
  3. Wrap the pony extensions around the clear elastic.
  4. Finish with the scrunchie wrapped around the extensions.

It’s such a fun way to spice up your style and change up your hair style and length – while rocking the most stylish hair accessory of the moment!


I hope that this was a fun little hair tutorial to help you fall in love with the latest hair craze sweeping the United States (+ worldwide!). My favorite hair scrunchies are satin, and I have both pink and black. I could definitely stand to grab a few more fun colors for summer.

Have you jumped on the scrunchie band wagon yet?! Let me know in my comments below!

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