31 Stunning Underneath Hair Color Ideas For Every Lady

coloured hair underneath

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Are you in search of cute underneath hair color ideas? Then this post got you covered with the best you can find on the internet.

I never knew underneath or hidden hair coloring style will trend someday, but here were have, becoming popular like never before.

The exciting part is that the hair color trend works on all haircuts and hairstyles, so there is no point isolating yourself from the trend if you wish to join.

I have carefully gathered a comprehensive gallery of ideas and compiled them so that everyone who checks in must find one inspiration to pick.

But Before then,

Do you highlight your hair? If Yes. Here’s what you need to know about hair highlights and damage.

Cute Underneath Hair Color Ideas

So here’s our gallery of underneath hair color ideas.

Blue and Purple Underlying Hair Color

Photo Credit: @collab_ttdi

The underneath hair coloring method is now one of the easy ways to incorporate color into your hair without other people noticing until you want them to know.

So with this method, office positions and professional jobs are not going to stop you from joining the hair color trend. Let’s hear a sound of joy.

Gray Underneath Hair Color


If you didn’t check the featured image carefully, you wouldn’t notice that the hair is colored. Or were you thinking that was a natural hair color? If yes! Then you are very far from the trend.

Let me clear it for it now; What you just saw is gray-tinted hair with a blending shade to the natural hair color.

Dark Purple Hidden Hair Color


The purple color is one of the most difficult to maintain hair color. Just like the silver color, it requires a specially designed shampoo and treatment.

If you still look closely again, you will see that this idea has a subtle shade of dark red, or should I say Violet Fandango?

I am very sure you don’t need to break the bank to achieve this.

Dark Red and Blue Underlying Color


The shade of dark red or brown gives you some sense of doubt at first. But as you get used to it, you will find out the uniqueness.

Besides, you can see that the color is merging with little shades of deep blue.

So if you’re considering this style and color for your next look, what you will need is two-color dye and a little experience of braiding.

Rainbow Underneath Hair Color Idea


Some crazy rainbow hair colors can get you kicked out of the workplace or institution. But what about hiding the rainbow you always wished for until you need it?.

That’s when the underneath color trend comes to take place. If you are searching for an outstanding rainbow new look, I bet you; this will be a perfect idea.

Four Colors Underneath Hair Color


Azure blue plus the shade of wine red and teal can still be family on one head. However, it can not be easily hidden because of color contrast and hair length.

The length and the color are easy to maintain, but the shortness makes it difficult to hide.

So if you’re a student or professional worker, this idea is not ideal for you.

Fuchsia Low-light Hair Color


The seventh idea on our underneath color ideas gallery is the Fuchsia (purplish red), taking the underneath position with a chin-length Bob haircut. And I am sure the front has bangs.

This color idea was number one trending on Instagram late last year.

However, if you want to achieve this same level of shade, make sure you have blonde hair or get your hair bleached.

Blue + Teal Underneath


Were you wondering the name of the hair color? You can see that it is two tones color, one covering about one inch from the root while the other covers the rest area.

The darker root can be seen as dark blue, while the other one is a teal color. I think these color tones may require some measures or the work of a professional.

Lowlight Brown Clayey Hair Color


Hidden lowlight is the kind of coloring that ladies who want to play around with their hair can do. In most cases, you do not necessarily need to bleach or get a pro colorist to do it for you.

It is effortlessly gorgeous, and when displayed, it can flatter anyone.

So if you are looking for a hair color that does not require maintenance, give this idea a try later.

Hidden Hair Color Blonde


Here’s another sort of rainbow in our gallery. This color idea is a great twist on long hairstyles.

From my observation, I can see four different colors appearing over and over again in different shades. I think this will require more technical work and skill to achieve.

Underneath Purple Color On Black Hair


If you’re a fan of medium-length haircuts and bright patch colors, this idea is probably a perfect choice for you.

The underneath purple complimenting the style length creates an effortless beauty vibe. The color might seem a bit adrift because the natural hair color is black.

Ombre Underneath Hair Color


For those who prefer the ombre form hidden underneath color, this idea might be a great and decent choice for you.

The primary silver-gray color creates room for the bright shine of these color tones; I doubt these colors will look so good on dark hair.

It’s a gorgeous idea that you might consider for your next look.

On-Going Underneath Hair Coloring


This picture shows you what the hair looks like when the color processing is going on. You might want to do it yourself at home.

All you need is your dye, clip, pair of hand gloves, old shirt or towel, clip, and maybe foil, then apply it the usual way. There’s no real big deal about it.

But if you are going for more tricky shades, I recommend you request assistance from a friend that has hair dye use experience.

Source: findtobeauty.com

Multi-Color Peekaboo Hidden Underlight


Every other underneath color idea we have seen here has its color from the backside, but this one is far from what we have seen so far.

This idea is more fancy and stylish. Not minding that it is coming from the side, the coloring style is sophisticated and gorgeous.

Purple and Blue Underneath Hair Color


If someone wants a perfect example of a hidden underneath color idea, you see this? Yes, this is what I will give to the person.

Whether you curl or straighten the hair, the color will only show up whenever you wish. And the hair length as well offers so many styling possibilities.

Rainbow Ombre Hidden Hair Color


This underlying blue, purple, and green color is an easy idea to recreate at home quickly.

There is no need for a complicated technique. It’s going to be you and the hair dye.

It’s simple as you have to mix your hair dye and pick out little hair strands for coloring. You can give your hair all color shades the same day, or you take it to wash after a wash or maybe day after day.

Five Colors Rainbow Underneath On Black Hair


This color idea is an ideal choice if you have black-colored hair and planning on any colorful event or party.

The only thing I can think of that will make you feel weird about this color is that it won’t shine so bright because it’s under the cover of black hair.

However, this promising hair color will turn the heads of people near you.

Rainbow Underneath Hair Color Idea


Here’s another rainbow hair color inspiration in our gallery. An orange, yellow, black, blue, green, yellow, red, blue, and purple–starting from the right side.

This peacock idea is an excellent choice if you want something that will make all heads turn to you and create a scene.

Red and Purple Underneath


The underlying shades of red and purple create a new look on the black hair, although the main focus rest on the purple color.

These colors look gorgeous on medium to waist-length hair. I still think it’s going to be pretty on short hair like Bob and shoulder-length haircuts.

Red Underlight Color on Brown


The shade of red does not have to be extremely bold if you are considering this idea.

You have to show off your underneath color whenever it pleases you by styling your hair in a bun.

Lastly, these color level doesn’t require much maintenance. If it starts fading and you want it back, all you got to do is some touchup.

Multi-Tone Underneath Hair Color


Here’s another excellent choice of underneath rainbow hair color. You create a new version of two of your hair by adding a rainbow color reflecting sideways.

Getting this color can be a little bit tricky because it’s like repeating what you have already done backward.

Two Colors Ombre Underneath


I call this extensive area strand test underneath. This idea is what it looks like to perform a strand test for the time.

And this is an excellent option for someone who wants to try out a two-color ombre without committing the full hair.

Underlight Color Idea for Blonde


Are you in search of color that is uniquely different from the rest and suit shorter haircuts? Well, I think you have a great option.

The complex nature of this color idea demands the help of an experienced colorist.

Two Repeating Underneath Color on Black Hair


The strands were not bleached, and because of that, the two repeating colors (purple and green) lying side by side didn’t shine bright.

However, as expected, it still looks good even when the black hair overpowers it.

Underneath Color Idea for Brown Hair


A subtle yet brilliant color shade like this is what some ladies dream for when they have the opportunity.

The purple, green, blue, and red color tone creates a sensation of beauty and silent boldness.

Wine Red + Purple and Blue Underlight


As usual, the black hair overpowered the dyed strands, but one notices it without a closer look.

Consider styling the hair in a fish or ponytail hairstyle so the colored strands will counter cross for full underlying shades and beauty effects to show.

Light Purple + Oxblood Underneath


This is a fabulous option if you wish for something that can not be easily seen without your consent.

Depending on your natural hair color,  these color tones can shine brighter than you expect and creates room for contrast, which breaks down your expectations.

Wine + Blue and Purple Ombre Hidden-Under Hair Color


This idea is the last in our gallery. The strands crossing each other make it look like an ombre.

This idea shows that blue and purple can align together without distraction.

I really hope you like this compilation of underneath hair color ideas.

Now I would like to hear from you:

Which color are you going to choose from today’s post?

Or maybe you find one of our underneath hair color ideas inspiring and wants some more explanation.

Either way, do let me know by leaving your comment below right now.

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