20 Best Hairstyles for Big Foreheads to Enhance Your Features

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Do you need some inspiration to find the right hairstyles for big foreheads? Luckily there are plenty of amazing haircuts for big foreheads that work for everyone. From fringes to side bangs to updos, keep reading if you want to know how to hide a big forehead with a beautiful cut. We find the right hairstyles when trying to accentuate face shape, our eye color, and even just to show off how we’re feeling that day. But sometimes they can come in handy when trying to concealing things as well.

How to Find Perfect Hairstyles for Big Foreheads?

Hair Inspiration for Women with Big Foreheads

Bellow you can find amazing examples of haircuts and styles that will enhance your features, make you feel confident and attract all the compliments.

#1: Bob with Full Fringe

Diving headfirst into the bangs gang with a blunt bob is the best hairstyle for a long face and big forehead. The natural-colored bangs cover the large forehead while the blond bob brings the eyes to the mouth area (away from the forehead).

#2: Side Swept Bangs

One of the best haircuts for big foreheads that don’t make it look like you’re trying hard to do so: the side swept bang. It reduces the appearance of a large forehead and looks good on every face shape, plus it’s easy to blow dry and style.

#3: Short Blonde Side Bangs

Kee things easy and low maintenance with this hairstyle for a big forehead and thin hair. These side bangs that hit right around her cheekbones brings your attention to those gorgeous blue eyes. The short and wispy layers work best on fine hair.

#4: Big hair and full bangs

This is a great example of a haircut for an oval face and big forehead. Bangs cut the length of the natural shape of an oval face and at the same time hide a big forehead. It’s big and beautiful all while killing two birds with one stone.

#5: Long Bob Middle Part

If you don’t mind a bit of hair in your face, let it all flow freely around your complexion with a long bob and a middle part. The part straight down the middle cuts the large forehead’s length and the long bob is both stylish and ensures your hair remains bouncy and not flat.

#6: Voluminous Side Bang

Adding tons of volume gives the appearance that your hair is what’s big, not your forehead! Voluminous side parts are great high forehead hairstyles because they add dimension around your face and make great hairstyles for big foreheads without bangs. 

#7: Long Hair and Blunt Bangs

This super cute babydoll haircut works well as a hairstyle for round faces and big foreheads. The full bangs cover what you’re trying to conceal and the straight lines from the long hair cut the roundness in her cheeks, giving the illusion of a longer face.

#8: Very Long layers

You don’t need bangs to help shorten the look of a long forehead! The very long layers and styled hair is simple yet effective. The layer going just a bit past her face evens out the length of her forehead, making the length from the root of the hair downward more “evened out.”

#9: Lob with a Fringe

Many women don’t opt for a fringe because it makes their face look disproportioned of “cut off.” But in your case, it works in your favor! Don’t be afraid of the fringe and even combine it with a lob for the ultimate cool girl hairstyle.

#10: Messy with Beachy Waves

Keep things natural and relaxed simply by creating some bedhead-type volume and adding waves. This hairstyle adds a splash of interest while still concealing a bit of the forehead with the messy side part.

#11: Fringe with Beachy Vibes

A purposeful wispy fringe is great for thin hair and matches perfectly with natural hair. This 70s-vibe is super easy to pull off and works well to cover a broad forehead but without being too much, as many people don’t want to opt in to a full-on fringe.

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#12: Medium Pixie with Bangs

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t have both short hair and a big forehead. In fact, a pixie cut is often accompanied by long side-swept bangs because it keeps the very short hairstyle feminine.

#13: Faux Bang Updo

Updos for high foreheads can be lots of fun. Why not try faux bangs (or clip ins) by pulling the ends of your ponytail out of a freshly wrapped (super high) bun. It’s a great way to conceal your forehead for a special occasion while not commiting to bangs.

#14: Braided Headwrap

Braids work well for big foreheads because they bring the attention to the beautiful hairstyle. This braided headband is stylish and yet it works really well because of the wispy bangs kept down around her face. This adds volume above and around the forehead.

#15: Twisted Lace Braid

This boho chic hairstyle frames the entire face and it couldn’t look any better. A cute braid on anyone, it works well on large foreheads, as you can see, by wrapping much of the look around the forehead and face.

#16: Blonde Accent Braid

Any time you have an asymmetrical hairstyle, such as a braid to the side or a braid just on one side, it breaks up the look of a large, square forehead. Feel free to have fun with your hair by trying new colors like ice blonde and trying fun designs.

#17: Daring Color and Movement

Adding tons of volume at the top of your head may seem counterproductive, but it actually brings balance to your look. Another great trick, as shown here, is to choose a color that perfectly complements your eyes as to bring focus there.

#18: Short Pixie Cut

Dare to live a little by opting for a short pixie cut! The different angles flowing in the front of this pixie cut chops the forehead in all the right places, making it seem much smaller. A pixie is one of the cutest hairstyles to cover a forehead. 

#19: Cornrow Braids

Cornrows for big foreheads offer a variety of options. You can work with your forehead by creating a design or you can work against it (in other words, concealing) by getting cornrows that move over your forehead and around it.

#20: Low-Key Curtain Bangs

Bangs for big foreheads is an exceptional tool — preferably side bangs, or in this case, a form of a grown-out curtain bang. The side bangs cut the width of a broad forehead making it appear more narrow.

Even if you feel like you have a huge forehead or a wide forehead, we hope you feel comfortable in your own skin. So if hairstyles for large foreheads is what gives you confidence then surely one of these incredible 20 options suits you.

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