Ghd vs Bio Ionic – Which Flat Iron Should I Choose?

bio ionic vs ghd

Ghd vs Bio Ionic flat irons, which is better? Well, the fact is that they have plenty of flat iron models, it’s really hard to draw the conclusion in one sentence.

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But, if you are a hair styling enthusiast and have the same question, you should not skip this comparison between the ghd platinum + and the BIO IONIC 10x, the two flagship flat irons from both sides. And if you’re wondering which one to buy, I believe you will have a clear answer after reading this post.

We will provide the pros and cons of each, and everything else you really need to know about the great flat iron debate.

Ghd Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x: Specs

Flat Iron ghd Platinum+ BIO IONIC 10x
Highest Temperature 360° F 450° F
Technology Ultra-zone with predictive technology Advanced natural ionic technology
Voltage Universal voltage Dual Voltage
Auto Shut-Off 30 Mins 60 Mins
Cord Length 9 Feet 9 Feet
Where to Buy

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Which Has The Quicker Heat Up Time? The ghd Platinum Plus or Bio Ionic 10x?

A big reason for why we wanted to run these stylers side-by-side is because they claim that they have a very quick heat up time.

The Ghd Platinum Plus says that you only need to wait 20 seconds before you use the straightener. Surprisingly, the usual heat up time is around 10 seconds to 12 seconds in real life.

When it comes to the heat-up time of the Bio Ionic 10x styler, the official specs show the heat up time is 15 seconds. And the heat up time in practice is also about 12 seconds.

Both flat irons are top-notch regarding the temperature control system. And both of them have very quick heat up time. But there is one thing you should know, there is only one heat setting for the ghd Platinum Plus. And the flat iron will automatically adjust the temperature for your hair.

While the highest heat setting of the Bio Ionic 10x straightener is up to 450° F, so it is understandable why the Bio Ionic 10x usually needs a bit longer to heat up.

Ghd Platinum Plus vs Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron: Who Has Better Styling Experience?

If you are going to talk about the straightening result of these two high-end flat irons, then we must go through their patented styling technologies first.

The styling process is much more convenient when you have an extremely compact Platinum Plus straightener. You don’t need to adjust the temperature manually to achieve the desirable styling result.

The unique ultra-zone with predictive technology will monitors heat over 250 times per second, adjusting the temperature for your hair automatically. So this ghd Platinum Plus is a very suitable straightener for beginners, as it is the flat iron that is easiest to use in the market.


On the other hand, the Bio Ionic 10x flat iron has a higher temperature to choose from. That is to say, if you want to straighten your hair more quickly, the Bio Ionic 10x Flat Iron can fulfill your need perfectly.

According to Bio Ionic, you can get the whole job done easily within 10 minutes. Besides, the advanced natural ionic technology & the infused natural volcanic rock minerals are going to help you reduce heat damage when you are using the heat.

Compared to the Ghd Platinum Plus, the Bio Ionic is better for those who have experience in styling with a flat iron before, as it has more heat settings when styling. But it can burn your hair accidentally since its temperature can be really high. Both flat irons will give your hair a shiny and smooth finish, and they all did very well in fixing the hairstyle.

The ghd Platinum Plus Flat Iron Has A Innovative Design

There is not a huge difference in straightening performance. However, the ghd Platinum Plus is considered to be more advanced in terms of precise styling with its unique wishbone hinge.

The wishbone hinge ensures your stying precision by making the plates are perfectly aligned. And its round barrel makes the flat iron a versatile tool to create curls and waves too.

What’s more, their website offers a personalize service that allows you to add texts on the flat iron. (Personalize Pricing:$15)

The Bio Ionic 10x Styler Offers Longer Warranty

The official store of Bio Ionic says that you will get a 5-year warranty, and you can replace the product if there is any problem occurs. While the ghd Platinum Plus comes with a 3-year manufacture warranty, but it also offers great after-sales service.

Bio Ionic has a longer warranty than ghd and buying the Bio Ionic 10x saves you repairing fee in some way, even though these upscale flat irons are not likely to be broken within several years.

The ghd Platinum Plus Has A More Friendly Price When On Sale

The current sales price of the Bio Ionic 10x flat iron is $230.00 and the price is the same on other retail platforms.

When it comes to the price Ghd Platinum Plus, the MSRP of the product is slighlyer higher than the Bio Ionic 10x straightener, which is $249. Fortunately, they are having a discount on their official store, so you can save 25% and get the platinum plus model at the price of $186.75.

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