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Some of the frequent questions that I get about my DIY magnificence recipes is salt scrub vs sugar scrub?

Which is healthier?

Neither.  Each.

It is dependent upon how you’re utilizing it and what you need to accomplish.  Each salt and sugar have their very own distinctive properties, so you can also make the recipe that is proper in your pores and skin based mostly in your pores and skin wants.

Do not forget, you can even customise your scrub recipe by including totally different provider oils and important oils, too.  

Advantages of Salt Scrub vs Sugar Scrub 

Salt scrub vs sugar scrub is the million greenback query it appears.  DIY physique scrubs are so widespread as a result of they’re really easy to make, however chances are you’ll be confused about whether or not to make a salt scrub or sugar scrub.

Each will exfoliate your pores and skin.  The highest layer of your pores and skin has useless pores and skin cells that look uninteresting.  Scrubbing helps take away these useless pores and skin cells, so your pores and skin seems and feels higher.

I take advantage of a scrub when my pores and skin is dry.  My pores and skin will get flakey when it is dry, so the salt and sugar assist take away the flakes.  The oils moisturize my pores and skin, too.  

Is Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub Higher?

It is dependent upon the place you are utilizing it and what advantages you need.  Sugar is much less abrasive, so it is best for throughout.  Salt is nice for dry areas. 

Are Salt Scrubs Good for Pores and skin?

Sure, salt scrubs are good for the pores and skin.  They’re good for eradicating useless pores and skin cells from thick or tough areas like your toes.

Is It OK To Exfoliate With Salt?

Sure, salt is a pure exfoliant.  It really works by eradicating the outer layer of useless pores and skin cells.  It has minerals that nourish your pores and skin.  

Can You Combine Salt and Sugar For a Scrub?

Sure, you possibly can completely combine salt and sugar for a scrub.  If you cannot resolve between the advantages of salt scrub vs sugar scrub, combine them for the advantages of each.

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Sugar Scrub Advantages

Sugar scrubs are typically extra widespread; personally, I put up extra sugar scrubs than salt scrubs.  Desk sugar granules are rounder than these from salt, so they’re gentler in your pores and skin.

I like turbinado cane sugar as a result of it has bigger particles.  You can too use desk sugar.

You should utilize them throughout your physique, even if in case you have delicate pores and skin.  I do warning in opposition to utilizing white sugar in your face as a result of it may be too tough, however some folks can get away with it.

Sugar additionally dissolves simpler in water, so there’s loads much less mess when utilizing the scrub.

Unrefined cane sugar incorporates minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium to feed your pores and skin.  Unrefined sugar is extra coarse than refined sugar, so it isn’t good in your face.  

Since sugar is stickier than salt, the sugar helps the oil keep on with your pores and skin longer.  Even after you wash your pores and skin, a number of the sticky sugar and oil keep in your pores and skin, which suggests you get extra profit from the oil.  This is without doubt one of the key distinction in salt scrub vs sugar scrub.


Brown Sugar or White Sugar for a Sugar Scrub, Which is Higher?

When you select a salt scrub or sugar scrub, you then have to decide on the fitting sugar.  Brown sugar is gentler than white sugar, so it is best for delicate pores and skin and your face.  Brown sugar provides the scrub a scrumptious scent, so typically I take advantage of it only for its pure perfume.

You can too combine brown and white sugar in a sugar scrub recipe.  Simply remember to use the equal quantity of sugar that the unique recipe calls for therefore you do not mess up the proportions.  

Salt Scrubs

Should you use salt for a scrub, sea salt is finest.  Should you take a look at a granule of sea salt, you may see that the sides have a variety of sharp angles, so it makes a superb exfoliator.

This additionally signifies that it may irritate your pores and skin, so it is best for very dry areas of pores and skin like the underside of your toes, knees, elbows, and ankles.

Sea salt additionally has the additional benefit of drawing toxins out of your physique.  It might probably additionally assist ease sore muscle ache as a result of it has some anti-inflammatory properties.

Epsom salts are known as salts, however they don’t seem to be actually a salt–they are literally magnesium sulfate.  In addition they work properly for the detox powers.  

Relying on the place the ocean salt is from, it could actually have totally different mineral content material.  These minerals can embody potassium, iron, copper, calcium, and magnesium, which may all work to enhance circulation.

Which is Higher Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub?

Now the advantages of salt scrub vs sugar scrub, which one is finest?  When you’ve got delicate pores and skin or abrasions in your pores and skin, use a sugar scrub.  For tough, dry areas, use a salt scrub.  

Since salt is extra abrasive, use it solely as soon as per week.  Sugar scrubs can be utilized two to a few occasions every week.  

Personally, I’ve by no means had an issue interchanging salt and sugar in a recipe.

Simply do not forget that if a scrub is in your face, do not use any salt.  However if you’d like extra scrubbing energy from a sugar scrub, substitute the sugar with sea salt.

Now the advantages of salt scrub vs sugar scrub so you possibly can select the most effective one in your pores and skin sort.  

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes

Now that which is healthier for scrub, salt or sugar, you can also make your personal recipe.  Usually, you possibly can interchange them within the recipe, however chances are you’ll want to regulate the quantity of oil.

  • DIY Stretch Mark Scrub 
  •  Pumpkin Spice Espresso Scrub
  • Peppermint Mocha Espresso Scrub 
  • Pumpkin Spice Salt Scrub 
  • Caramel Apple Sugar Scrub
  • Watermelon Mint Sugar Scrub
  • Coconut and Calendula Sugar Scrub
  • Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub
  • Pores and skin Softening Hand Scrub Recipe

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