To Trim Hair or Not? Right here Are 8 Compelling Causes

Do you know that trimming hair needs to be a part of your hair care routine, on this article you will see out why.

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I was in opposition to trimming my pure hair as a result of I believed it will set again my size objectives. This was till a pal of mine insisted that I ought to incorporate trimming in my pure hair care routine if I critically wished to attain development.

On this article I’ll share the advantages of trimming pure hair that led me to creating trimming part of my hair care routine.


  • Trimming hair promotes wholesome hair development as a trim eliminates break up ends and different strands which are doing extra hurt than good
  • A trim on hair that’s broken by warmth or chemical substances may also help in mitigating hair breakage.
  • To maintain single strand knots at bay, it is best to trim your hair and go away it stretched out
  • A great trim helps in slicing down on the time that it takes to detangle hair.

Learn on to get the complete particulars on the advantages of trimming hair.


Most individuals want an occasional trim with a purpose to cope with the breaking level and break up ends nonetheless there are individuals who will go for an extended time period with out reaching their breaking level which means, they will go for longer with no need a trim.

Hair grows till it reaches a sure size and it appears to stagnate. This level is the breaking level. (1) The breaking level reaches when the hair cuticles get thinner because the hair grows. Thinner layers are extra inclined to separate ends and breakage.

Advantages of Trimming Hair

1. Will get Rid of Break up Ends

Break up ends are the frayed ends of your hair strands. They’re the worst hair enemy as after you have them; there isn’t any option to restore them. Among the best option to do away with break up ends is by trimming them off.

Some widespread causes of break up ends embrace:

  • Warmth injury
  • Chemical compounds
  • Over washing
  • Over manipulation
  • Genetics
  • Extreme styling

In case you’ve bought that confused outlook in your mane, then its time you bought a hair trim. You’ll lose a couple of inches however in the long term, this lower will likely be extra helpful to your hair development.

Extreme chemical remedy, dangerous grooming habits, and environmental publicity can result in the thinning of hair, the formation of break up ends, and breakage. Getting a trim may also help in coping with such hair injury.

How usually to trim pure hair will fluctuate from individual to individual.  Cautious consideration to your hair is one of the best information on how usually you want a trim. For some folks trimming needs to be completed each 3-4 months whereas for others with a lot more healthy strands, it may be completed much less usually.

2. Promotes Wholesome Hair Development

Trimming your hair promotes wholesome hair development as you do away with break up ends and different strands which are doing extra hurt than good. A trim will utterly change your hair from a uninteresting and brittle look to a more healthy extra lustrous glow. If you’re seeking to have fuller longer more healthy hair, then it’s time that you just trimmed your hair.

Trimming your hair will get rids of these useless ends thus giving your hair a fuller, more healthy look. Moreover, hair that’s trimmed has a quicker oil penetration fee which promotes hair development. (2)

3. Controls Broken Hair (Warmth and Chemical Injury)

Warmth and chemical injury has adversarial results on hair leaving the it brittle and weak. Brittle hair is extra liable to develop break up ends which trigger breakage. If left uncared for, break up ends can develop additional down the shaft resulting in extreme lack of hair.

Trimming hair that’s broken by warmth or chemical substances may also help in mitigating hair breakage. This will decrease the injury brought on by progressive break up ends and assist in rejuvenating your hair again to its vibrant shine. (3)

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4. Prevents Single Strand Knots

Have you ever ever touched your hair and felt what looks like little knots in your hair strand ends? These are single strand knots.

Some pure hairstyles such because the wash and go will go away your hair in a shrunken state which means that the hair strands will likely be standing shut to one another. Such a coiffure will go away your hair with extra single strand knots than earlier than.

Most individuals make the error of breaking out or slicing these knots with their fingers. To maintain single strand knots at bay, trimming your hair and leaving it stretched out is a good suggestion. Twist outs and braid outs may also assist shield your hair from single strand knots.


5. Makes Detangling Simpler

Detangling hair that isn’t in fine condition is a tedious job that solely leads to hair breakage and loss. Trimming  hair usually  helps in slicing down on the time that it takes to detangle your hair by managing break up ends and stopping single strand knots which makes detangling tough.

6. Higher Size Retention

Consider hair development is a two-step course of; the emergency of hair from the roots and hair retention alongside the size and ends of hair.

Trimming your hair helps in sustaining size by stopping lack of hair via breakage.

Size retention is very depending on private hair care strategies. Development just isn’t seen if the hair just isn’t preserved on the ends therefore enabling higher size retention.

Trimming your hair could seem counter-productive when you find yourself attempting to develop your hair however it’s not. Whereas trimming doesn’t instantly affect hair development, it can be crucial in making certain that hair maintains its retention sample. Break up ends which are left uncut can simply taper off leaving your hair thinner and unhealthy.

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7. Simpler Styling

Hair that must be trimmed is usually tougher to model because it takes you extra time detangling earlier than even setting it into the specified kinds. Trimmed hair additionally maintains kinds for longer.

Hair that isn’t trimmed is liable to having one strand knots and broken break up ends that aren’t good for hair manipulation.

8. Minimizes Frizz

No one actually likes the irregular texture or hair that doesn’t align that outcomes from frizz! I definitely don’t and I can do something to attenuate frizz.

Among the best methods to offers with the annoying frizz is to trim hair.

Frizz outcomes from dry hair absorbing moisture from the air inflicting every hair strand’s outer cuticle to swell up as a substitute of mendacity flat. Different causes of frizz embrace humid moist climate which may make frizz circumstances worse and carrying scarfs and hats.

Frizziness could be a trigger for alarm in case your hair has broken break up ends. To maintain frizz underneath management, trim your mane usually.


If you’re a type of pure hair lovers who’s loopy about chasing hair size, but dread trimming your hair, you aren’t alone. Many individuals assume that trimming hair just isn’t helpful, but trimming truly does provide your hair some well being advantages which performs a key position in size retention.

Irrespective of how terrifying it’s to chop out your strands, in the long term, trimming your hair will give your hair a fuller more healthy look.

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